Getting media attention can be easy if you know what to do, some things however take a long time and require planning even though they’ll seem to others as if these thing happened out of the blue, overnight. You’ll need to focus on building relationships with the right people while you’re also doing other things to get media attention.

Raise Funds for a Local Cause

Don’t raise funds in hopes of receiving press coverage, but do share with the press that you’re doing it. The bigger the effort, the more coverage you’ll get and of course the more funds you’ll raise. You can get coverage before, during, and after the event when you hand off the money to the cause. Side note, really only do this for a cause you are passionate about, any press coverage treat as a bonus as your main aim should be the cause you are raising funds for.

Throw Annual Events

A great way to get media attention is to host annual events. Even if they don’t cover it today, they may cover your tenth event. That might seem like a long time away, but long-term planning is for everyone.

Launch a New Product

Anytime you launch a new product or update an old one to make it better, it’s news. If you have connections with a journalist already, then you can send them an email about your updated or new product.

Appeal to Human Emotions

Anytime emotions are involved, it will often pull the heartstrings of the reporters and journalists and they’ll want to do the story. Remember, they’re human too. If you can make them feel something, they’ll really want to share the story.

Connect Your Story to a National Issue

When you can relate your story to an issue of national merit, the local media will often take notice. It might help you to find a good copywriter to help you with a pitch such as this.

Reveal an Amazing Transformation

People love a good story. Think rags to riches, improving illness, or some other amazing transformation that makes all the difference to the audience. The media loves a good tear-jerker, especially if it has a happy ending.

Organize a Unique Contest

Another great way to get the media’s attention is to hold an interesting contest. The crazier the contest and the more it impacts people, the more attention it will get from the media.

Publish a Book

Local media loves books. If you’ve published a book with an interesting topic, that’s a great thing to go with. Plan a book reading and signing at a locally owned bookstore, and send out a press release.

Give Them What They Need

Many local newspapers and magazines have sections in them where they highlight local businesses. That’s often a great place to start with your pitch. Notice how they present the stories and try to match your pitch to it.

If you play your cards right, you can be front of mind for all the local reporters that do stories about your niche. Just remember, this is the long game and not for a flash-in-the-pan business.

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