An email list is one of the best ways to build your business and build a sustainable long-term income. When you build a list, you build a community of targeted people who want what you are offering. Studies show that email marketing is the most effective form of marketing ever invented, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Here’s how to quickly build a email mailing list.

Create an Amazing Ethical Bribe

This is something you can give your audience that quickly solves one of their pressing problems. For example, if you teach how to make better YouTube videos, you can offer a free pre-production checklist in exchange for an email address.

Host Regular Webinars

Webinars are excellent ways to get more people to sign up for your email list. When you’re willing to speak and teach via a webinar, people see you differently. They see you as the expert and that makes them want to sign up even more.

Publish a Book

Books are excellent ways to get known and get email subscribers. You can add your information in your book to get sign-ups, or you can sell the book directly from your website and use that as a way to get them on the list. Or, you can give it away free to get them on your list. As long as you’re not on KDP Select on Amazon, it’s okay to sell your book via Amazon and then give it away free as an incentive on your website.

Speak at Public Events

People who speak in public are seen as experts and can offer incentives at the end of their talk to get people on their list, either via low-cost sales or via a freebie download.

Run Ads on Facebook

If you have a great giveaway, run an ad on Facebook to your audience and you’ll get more sign-ups for your newsletter. You can promote a free webinar, a free book, free checklists or even a low-cost product or service.

Create Amazing Email Content

Once you get people on your list, that’s only part of the battle. Now you need to work to keep them on the list by offering high-value information to your email subscribers that you don’t offer elsewhere. And, don’t forget to point out that by signing up they’re getting exclusive access to information not available elsewhere or as soon.

Encourage Subscribers to Share

You can set up your email newsletter so that your subscribers can share the information about your newsletter. They will if the information is exclusive and awesome. Just set up social sharing within your email autoresponder software.

Have a Contest

A really great way to get buzz is to host a contest. You can approach it by asking your clients/customers to make videos and the winner gets a prize. Or, you can ask newbies to write essays of why they want your product or service and let one person win based on how far it’s shared on social media.

Promote on Social Media

Always promote your email list on your social media accounts. You can make a tab and put a sign-up for your newsletter right on Facebook.

Building your email list quickly is an important way to build your entire business fast. A responsive email list is more effective than any other form of marketing. Start building your email list sooner rather than later. One additional tip is that you can start an affiliate program and pay for each sign-up.

Nine Ways Businesses Can Quickly Build a Mailing List
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