Where you go online, it seems that everyone is offering a webinar on something or another, I know that I have watched webinars in cycle train as well as the latest and great business growth strategies recently. Webinars it seems have become one of the most popular ways to grow one’s business. Unfortunately, they are not always used effectively and knowing what to do and what not to do will help help you to achieve your goals.

Set a Goal for Each Webinar

Setting a goal is critical, how else will you be able to determine whether or not your webinar was a success? Do you want to get subscribers? Launch a new product? Freshen up an existing product you know is good but just hasn’t been selling well?

Once you set the goal, you will create the call to action – such as “subscribe”, “buy now”, and so on.

Increase Your Brand Reach

People can’t buy your products if they don’t know you exist. A webinar will help extend your brand reach and help participants understand who you are and what your business is all about.

Grow Your Email Marketing List

Email marketing can be one of the most powerful tools for relationship building online. Promote your webinar on social media, but be sure to sign up participants on an email marketing list. A good way to do this is to offer everyone who attends a free download.

Launch Your Products

Every new product should have a special launch to start your marketing efforts. The webinar should be about the topic in general. Then introduce the product in particular.

Position Yourself as an Authority

When marketing your webinar, don’t be shy about your expert status. Let prospective viewers know who you are and why you are worth paying attention to. Create a great site or blog, publish a book, and host regular webinars or gatherings at online groups.

Encourage Audience Engagement

Ask people who are attending to send in their questions beforehand. While on the webinar, conduct surveys and polls (choose your software carefully). Encouraging audience engagement gives the impression that you care about your target audience. The whole point of an event such as a webinar is to allow people to interact with an expert like yourself.

Increase Conversions on High-Ticket Items

Think of your webinar as a live demonstration of what your product can do and how it can transform lives. The more time-saving and cutting edge it is, the higher price point you can command for it.

Offer Limited Replays

The element of scarcity, or missing out on something, can be a powerful driver of sales. Tell your audience the time and date of the webinar and warn them they will miss out if they don’t attend. As a courtesy, consider offering a recording for a day or two after the live event, but be sure to take it down to show you mean what you say about them missing out.

Save Time by Leveraging Automated Webinars

Not all webinars have to be live. Many marketers are making a great living from “evergreen” webinars that are regularly scheduled online. This works well with your regular product line, compared with new product launches.

Try these simple ways to boost your business with webinars and see what a difference they make to your business…

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