If you run an email marketing list you know that many people subscribe to mailing lists and then have buyer’s remorse and immediately unsubscribe. Others will receive a few emails and leave for a variety of reasons such as feeling the content is not being directed to them and that they receive too many emails, some might even have forgotten signing up in the first place. If you are serious about your email marketing, it’s your job to help avoid these situations and you’ve guessed it, the following tips will help.

Know Your Subscribers

Do you know who your ideal subscriber is, are you attracting the right people to your email list or are you aiming to attract just anyone. Having a policy of attracting just anyone to sign up won’t help you reach your goals, as with all marketing you need to determine who exactly you want to attract, if you want to attract them. Once you know, you can ensure that the content you put out there primarily attracts these people to sign up. Also if you give a free report of something away in exchange for an email address, make this freebie highly targeted to your ideal subscriber so as to attract these people to your list.

Personalize Subject Lines and Content

Let me share with you the convention thinking on email personalization, generally speaking once someone signs up to your email list, it’s important that you use the technology within your email marketing (autoresponder) software to personalize subject lines and content. The thought behind this, is that people see their names and are more likely to open emails and click links within them.

With autoresponders this works well although I have dropped the subject line personalization, however I have found that with regular mailings such as newsletters it is better, not personalize the content. People are not stupid, they know that you are not sending each email and that you are using software to personalize the content and as such it is ignored more often than not. Just like I do you should AB Split Test this to see what works best for your audience.

Send Targeted Content

Once you understand your audience you should make sure all content that you create and use is targeted at your target audience. If you are sending content that isn’t targeted you will confuse you audience as they will not be expecting such content. When selecting content ask yourself, “does this fit my target audience’s needs?”

All Content You Aim To Do Something

In addition to being targeted, the content needs a purpose, your purpose can be multi-fold. You want to inform, entertain, educate and engage. You may not do every single one of these, though that should be your goal, but at least aim to do one of these. As a matter of course you should also include a suitable call to action with all content.

Your Content Should Be Helpful

One of the most important things you’ll want to impart to your audience is your willingness and desire to help them achieve something or solve their problems. Think of it this way, if the content you share helps your audience solve their problems, then they will see that your products and services also solve their problems.

Don’t Send Content Too Often

Be careful about sending content too often, you know the people who send content three or four times a day; it is irritating and even if they do offer something good you stop reading. You get sick of it and just don’t read and eventually you unsubscribe. You don’t want that to happen so tread carefully here. I send a newsletter out three times per week and when I first went from once a week to three times weekly, I lost some subscribers as a result however my list continues to grow weekly so I can assume that I am doing something right, when deciding to push lots of content at people you might want to monitor the situation so as to ensure you are maximizing engagement and subscription growth.

Don’t Send Content Too Infrequently

Conversely, it’s important to avoid not sending content to your audience enough. People sign up to your newsletter, autoresponder sequence because they want information, so give it to them. I often help businesses push content out and in most cases the business owner is wanting to market something, this means that the content I send must help make my audience do something and ultimately lead to them making a purchase or pushing a referral our clients way. By sending content infrequently you cannot hope to achieve this, as you will not be remembered when your audience member is perhaps ready to buy.

With an autoresponder sequence make sure your whole series of email messages is written and pre-programmed before you accept subscribers, and then send them out to gather the maximum exposure not the minimum.

Don’t be Worried When People Unsubscribe

I often come across people that worry and worse still take somebody unsubscribing from an email list as a personal insult. Best advice is don’t, the purpose of email marketing is to move people to do something so moving them along your sales funnel, weeding out those that are not interested in your products and services is all part of the sales process and helps you concentrate your efforts on your real prospects.

Responsive Messages

Are the email messages you send responsive in nature because if they aren’t they should be. More and more people read emails on mobile devices and tablets, in fact my own newsletter is read on more mobile devices than on desktop computers… especially if I send it out in the early morning prior to most people being at work. This is because people check their emails all of the time, in work, out of work wherever they are, which means you have to make your messages mobile friendly (responsive) if you want them read.

Study Your Metrics

Finally, it’s really important that you study your metrics. If you don’t know who is opening your messages, how many are being opened, when they’re opening them and what happens when they click through to follow your call to action, then you won’t know if what you’re doing works or not. You should be aware of whether or not your work is really producing a response.

Creating subscriber friendly content is simple if you have done the work to understand who your audience is, and what they want. You can even use your email marketing / autoresponder software to engage your subscribers and ask them what they want. The more you can deliver what they want, the more successful you’ll be.

Ten Tips to Create Subscriber Friendly Content 
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