When you have a business, you have to get the word out about your business as often as possible. As they say in the business, “Always be marketing.” The best way to accomplish that is by using mobile apps that keep you going even when you’re not by your desktop computer. You can live your life and still keep marketing your business with these amazing mobile apps.


This social media marketing app helps you schedule posts to multiple social media websites, keep up to date on the shares of others, engage with your audience and more. Hootsuite is a true social engagement tool that businesses can use to improve their social media marketing efforts. Let me share something with you here, I actually use Hootsuite and wouldn’t be without it.

Link – http://www.hootsuite.com/


This works like Hootsuite in that it lets you schedule posts and updates to multiple types of accounts. It provides important statistics as well, so you know how each post performed. Buffer is more of a content management solution than a social media engagement solution.

Link – https://buffer.com/

WordPress App

If you want to submit blog posts while you’re away from your PC, you can do it with this WordPress mobile app. Keep your blog going no matter what you’re doing. Snap pics, upload them and more immediately.

Link – https://wordpress.org/mobile/

LinkedIn App

LinkedIn is very important for business owners everywhere, and if it’s important for you then you really need this app so that you can stay up to date on messages, groups, and more.

Link – https://mobile.linkedin.com/

Quick Win Digital Marketing Lite

If you need answers to digital marketing questions and you have an Apple device, you can download this app on your mobile device and have many answers to digital marketing questions at your fingertips.

Link – http://quick-win-digital-marketing.iapps4you.com/


Having access to important documents from anywhere at any time is important for any business owner. Not sure what a contract says? You can look it up immediately right at your fingertips from your mobile device instead of waiting until later.

Link – https://www.dropbox.com/


Do you like to get information and save it to view later but lack organizational skills? If so, using Evernote makes it possible to organize all the websites and clips in a searchable manner, accessible from your mobile device with the mobile app.

Link – https://evernote.com/pricing/

Facebook Pages Manager

This is a great way to manage your business pages with a mobile app so that you don’t have to wait to respond to people until you’re on your PC. Sometimes there are issues that can’t wait. Using this app you can manage up to 50 pages on your mobile device.

Link – https://www.facebook.com/help/440342779314597

Using any of these mobile apps to improve and boost your marketing efforts can really help your business exponentially. As they say, you need to keep marketing your business at all times to be successful. These mobile apps will help you accomplish that.

Mobile Marketing Apps for Business
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