Once you have products on Amazon, the good news is most of the time a product will sell if it’s priced right and you get the Buy Box. But, what if you don’t get the Buy Box? That’s okay; with these tips you can still ensure that you make more sales. Having said that – like any marketing, if you want to sell your Amazon product you’ll have to think like a buyer.

Keep Studying Your Ideal Customer

The more you can immerse yourself in the world of your buyers, the more you’ll get to know them and the easier it will be to think like them. Join the groups they’re in, read the publications they read, and network with them. Survey them, ask questions, and help them when you can.

Know Where Your Audience Hangs Out

It’s important to know your audience enough to know where they like to hang out, both online and offline. What do they do in their free time? What publications do they read? What keeps them up at night, what problems do they have, and how do they seek a solution to them?

Understand What They Can Afford

When you know your audience, you can get a better idea of your pricing structure. If your audience is on a budget, you don’t want to try to sell them expensive caviar, but you do want to offer what they need in a price range that they can afford.

Optimize Your Listings with Your Customers in Mind

When you create your listings, you should be thinking about your buyers. Use keywords they will use to find your product, and use descriptions that let them know how the product will make them feel.

Run Sponsored Ads

To get traffic, target your audience with sponsored ads on the social media that they use. You can do outright ads, or you can hire influencers on Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and other social media.

Drive Traffic from Your Blog

When you are marketing to your buyers, create content for them explaining to them why they need the product you’re promoting, and give them the link directly to it. You can use your affiliate link to promote your own products on Amazon.

Use Social Media

You can create communities and join communities on different social media platforms so that you can communicate directly with your buyers. Doing so will give you even more insight into their world so that you can deliver what they want and need.

Use the Right Imagery

Knowing your audience will also help you ensure that you show your products in the right way for the buyer. It’s not really important what you think about a product – if your buyer likes it, that’s all that matters.

Everything you do should put your buyers first. The best way to put yourself in your buyers’ thought process is to understand your buyers’ buying cycle, their needs and desires, and what keeps them up at night. Then find solutions that solve their problems and put it in their path where they like to go. For most shoppers right now, that’s Amazon.

Marketing Your Amazon Product Means Thinking Like a Buyer
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