One way to make your podcast more professional is to use music and sound effects. It adds interest to your show and makes it sound more professional. But there are some legal issues and rules that you should adhere to, to ensure that you don’t break any copyright laws. Thankfully, there are a lot of choices from creative commons.

Free Music Archive

This is a great website that has a searchable listing of different music that you can use on your podcasts. Remember to always read the license rules no matter where you find music listed.

Link –

Sound Effects

This website allows you to find different sound effects to use for your podcast. You can even request sounds to be made for you to use. Read the license rules for each sound you decide to download and use.

Link –

Creative Commons Search Engine

This is probably your most important way to access all sorts of creative commons images, sounds, music and more. You can get a lot to use on your podcast to make it sound professional.

Link –


This free, open source software will help you create amazing and professional-sounding podcasts. It enables you to add sound effects, music, intros and outros with ease. There are even built-in sound effects for Audacity.

Audacity –
Sound effects –

Now that you know where to get music and sound effects for your podcast, let’s talk about why they are so useful.

Helps Cut Dead Air Issues

Sometimes if there is too much dead air, listeners think something is wrong with their player. But, it might just be you thinking. Nothing is wrong with taking a pause, but having soft creative commons music in the background will help with dead air issues.

Adds Drama, Emotion, Humor

Some sound effects can really add to the story you’re trying to tell or your guest is trying to tell. It can make everything more dramatic, emotional or humorous, depending on the sounds you choose to add.

Breaks Up Segments

Using a music clip can add dimension to your podcast by helping to break up segments. You can add a voice over with background music that helps transition the audience to the new segment.

Makes Your Intro and Outro More Professional

Think about how a professional radio show sounds. They always have intros and outros that help you get ready for the show and wind down when it’s over.

Gets Your Audience in the Mood

Whatever mood you want to project will be pushed forward with the right music and sounds. If you want them to feel motivated, play motivational-sounding music. Your words are important, but like sound effects in movies, sound in podcasts help further push your agenda.

If you really want a professional-sounding podcast, adding music and sound effects to it will really help. It’s not difficult to do if you know what to do. Use good editing software like Audacity to make it easier.

Liven Up Your Podcasts with Music and Sound Effects
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