It would seem that business follow up is a no-brainer, and that anyone is capable of handling it properly. Well, it is certainly true that anyone can do it, but for some, it’s a skill that has to be learned.

Much of the skill of effective follow up has to do with organization. Unorganized business owners tend to be sloppy when it comes to following up with the clients and customers that make up their following. This, clearly, can be seriously detrimental to a business’s bottom line, and needs to be addressed immediately.

There are several ways to handle the organization and scheduling of your follow up communication. Here are just a few of the many options available:

  • A simple calendar works simply and efficiently, whether it be an online calendar or a paper calendar. An online calendar will also have the ability to send you an email and/or notification reminder online, and may have the option to send you a text message to remind you of your follow up for that day.
  • Online time managers or project managers will allow you to not only schedule your follow up, but keep notes on each client or customer needing that follow up, and share projects and notes with others. These types of software work great when you are working with a team of people, so that everyone knows where their responsibilities lie.
  • Automated follow up is helpful when you know exactly what you’d like to say, and when you’d like to say it, via email. Simply compose and schedule a follow up email, and then decide the day and time it is to be delivered, and to whom. Browsers have add-ons and plugins that will help your email client accomplish this advanced scheduling.

The fact is – follow up is not optional. It’s not something that you “might” want to incorporate into your business. But technology today has made being able to follow up quickly, easily and painlessly a piece of cake! And there’s no reason to fear following up with those who have a clear interest and/or need for your business products or services.

Following up with potential clients, customers, and those who have expressed interest in your business is essential to your business success. If you don’t currently have the skills to perform stellar follow up, learn them soon, and watch your business income increase due to your own smart organization!


Learning Sales Follow Up Skills
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