When it comes to online marketing, you have to learn to think globally even if you only sell your products locally, why because we’re all connected nowadays as we have never been before and a simple question on social media can lead to numerous replies and recommendations from people all around the world. Which means that the person who saw your online marketing message in the UK might be speaking to someone in the US who is within your marketing area.

However, the real strength comes because you are now able to market your products to people globally should you wish. Of course, it does depend on what your product is, but if you have digital products for instance, marketing them using online marketing makes perfect sense. In fact, most technology searches involve people who are not actually in North America. When you grasp that North America is really not the biggest player in the game, you’ll realize that thinking globally is very important if you want to survive.

Useful Sources

If you’re not sure if there is a global market for your offerings, you can easily check.

Google Trends

Use this technology to check out what people are looking for in specific spaces. You can drill down search terms to a particular spot within a few miles.

Link – http://www.google.com/trends

Google Global Market Finder

You can surf through over a billion potential customers who are searching for specific tools. You can also get answers to the particular market you want to get into.

Link – http://translate.google.com/globalmarketfinder/g/index.html

The World Fact Book

Put out by the CIA in America, this book is a great resource for helping you to understand the new markets you want to break into. You’ll learn about the economy and more for all the nations you want to do business in, as well as figure out how much it will cost.

Link – https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/

How to Think Globally

As you learn from these websites, it’s important to keep in mind that another country’s market isn’t really so different from the one you are used too. People are people wherever you go and while it pays to get to know their cultures, most people have similar expectations in mind.

  • They Want to Feel Heard – We were given two ears and one mouth for a reason: so that we listen more than we talk. Listen to your customers’ voice and try to deliver what they really want. They will tell you what they want, no matter where they are from. Making assumptions is a huge mistake. Listen.
  • Get to Understand Their Culture – You may not realize it, but you have a culture too. You have certain expectations that have evolved over time due to the culture in which you were raised. This is the same for the international people you want to work with. Niche them down into segments by culture and get to know them and what they expect. Even the colors you use can make a difference.
  • Get Involved with Them – Engage with people from other cultures and nations on social media. This is going to be one of the things that help you stand out. Remember that you can use Google Translate to help you if you run into a problem, or you can hire a translator through Upwork.com. Consider going to live events to help with your digital marketing overall.

Link to Google Translate – https://translate.google.com/

You’re Not Superior

It’s imperative when considering going global that you don’t think of yourself or your culture as superior to anyone else. Even though some of the countries you may end up doing business with are new to this type of business, that’s not the point. If you approach them as equals, you’ll do a lot better and remember people are people the world over.

As you learn to think more globally, it’s likely that your content will change, your focus will shift and you will end up with a far more inclusive and diverse business model than you ever thought possible.

Learn to Think Globally
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