Generating leads is probably one of the top priority tasks in your business. After all, the more leads you have, the more likely you are to be able to sell your offer. In fact, almost everything you do outside of product creation should involve getting more leads – which means building your email list so that you can nurture them into customers.

Create Lead Magnets

A lead magnet, also called a freebie or an ethical bribe, is something only your targeted audience would want or need. For example, a checklist to help them accomplish something you can either teach them to do or do for them. The more places you can offer lead magnets, the better.

Offer Content Upgrades

A content upgrade is additional downloadable content that goes with the content the user is currently consuming. So, let’s say you have a blog post about the top three ways to lose weight, and one of them mentions a low-fat diet. A great content upgrade would be a five-day low-fat menu plan. Then, when they get on your list, you’ll be able to tell them about your monthly menu plan. Look at all your content to determine where you can add easy content upgrades to help move viewers to your email list.

Optimize Landing Pages

A landing page eliminates distractions and makes a compelling offer to your audience. It speaks about the benefits of your product or service, uses images to help explain your offer, testimonials, and sometimes a video. Plus, the landing page should be optimized with one CTA and one ideal customer in mind.

Pay for Advertising

A great way to generate leads is to pay for advertising. Facebook ads are very inexpensive and a great way to promote to just the right audience. When you have a strong offer, don’t be afraid to test advertising. Try five or ten dollars a day and if that provides a good ROI, keep going and even increase it.

Push Affiliate Marketing

If you sell products, you can have your own affiliate marketing set-up using software such as or to start your own affiliate program. Hosting contents and giveaways for your affiliates to help them promote something that will build your list will pay off handsomely.

Do More Networking

Don’t ever underestimate the power of networking. Network with colleagues and your audience. Network both on and offline. Have a mechanism to get them onto your list by following up, though. For example, if you meet someone in your audience at an event, make sure you get their information. Later, send them a link to a blog post that you know has information relevant for them, with content upgrades so that you can get them on your list.

Start a JV

A joint venture is a great way to get more leads. Choose a partner that serves your audience with a complementary product or service to work on a project together. When you both promote to your lists, you’ll have some crossover and sharing of information that will help you get more leads.

These top seven lead generation strategies will work for everyone, regardless of niche. But, you don’t have to do them all at the same time. Pick one thing to perfect, then move on to the next to generate more targeted leads for your offerings.

Lead Generation Strategies
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