As a business owner you will have heard about sales funnels, chances are you also think that your sales funnel is different from someone else’s after all your products and services are different. However, the first thing you need to realize is that the whole point of a sales funnel is the same regardless of the products or services that you are promoting. That point is to acquire new leads, turn these leads into customers, and to then get these customers to purchase more and refer new potential customers. That’s it in a nut shell. The sales funnel is how you do this, and while there are different configurations for a sales funnel, there are some key components that all sales funnels should include.

Here are the key components no matter what you’re using the sales funnel to do.

Lead Magnet

This item goes at the widest part of your funnel and is designed to get people into your sales funnel, which typically means getting them to sign up to your email list. Often you’ll create a free product or a trial version of your product in order to get people on your email list, so that you can then market your real products to them. You’ll need a squeeze page to promote the lead magnet or freebie, an email sign-up form, as well as a download page so that people can download your freebie.

Entry or Tripwire Product

Some people call this the “tripwire” but it can evoke a negative connotation even though it shouldn’t. The fact is this entry level product is an inexpensive product that your audience can buy that will be low cost compared to your main products. It will give them a good example of the type of products you sell. But it’s also a good place to add an upsell opportunity for your buyer.

Email Content

Both the lead magnet and the entry level product are aimed at getting prospects to sign up to your email list so that they can now learn about everything you offer. You will want the lists segmented so that you can send them the right information. You’ll need to create email content that is designed to send each audience segment to the next product in line for them.

Product or Service

You’ll need at least one higher priced product, if not a series of increasingly higher priced products. This could be an advanced product or course, a private forum and support group, one-on-one coaching services and more. If you can create a continuity program, it’ll make a great upsell for either type of list.

Sales Page

Each product needs a sales page that will also need an upsell (and even perhaps a downsell) to best utilize the opportunity of connecting with your prospect. You don’t want to turn away any opportunity to connect and make an offer.

When you create each component of your sales funnel, there are several aspects to include with each element to make it complete. For example, the freebie offer needs a squeeze page that is designed to collect the email addresses, and then you’ll need a download page for the freebie offer. Each component goes together one after the other to maximize sales for your entire business.

Key Components of a Sales Funnel
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