Many people are familiar with the holiday push and the in-season push, but the truth is those are actually times where you can put in a little less effort to make good sales. It’s during off-season times where you must focus your marketing efforts to increase sales and capture the limited market.

Grow Your Mailing List in Advance

If you know that there is an off season for your market, it’s important to grow your email list during the good times. That way you can work on nurturing a good relationship for the slump times. You can keep selling to current customers if you develop off-season products and services that your audience needs.

Collect Customer Reviews before Off Season

During the good times it’s important to get your customers to write reviews, testimonials, and information to help you sell during the off season. Collecting plenty of reviews, turning them into memes, then sharing on social media during off times will make people take notice.

Come Up With Awesome Off-Season Content

Off season is not the time to stop generating excellent content. In fact, you might consider boosting the content up a notch. For example, let’s say you have a football-centric business and it’s off season. You could do profiles of football players from seasons past, or talk about the potentials for draft season.

Build Relationships All Year Long

Don’t wait for off season to keep up your relationships. Practice good connections, respond quickly to all questions, engage on social media, and follow up after the sale. The more contact you can have with your audience during the good season, the more they’re likely to pay attention during off season. The worst thing you can do is go into desperation mode.

Create Some Off-Season Hype

Hey, it’s okay to hype up something new when it’s off season for your normal sales cycle. Host a webinar; tell your story. Ask consumers to tell their story. Break out a new product or service and let beta testers in for a less expensive price than you might offer during the in season. Don’t forget to send out press releases.

Run a Targeted PPC Campaign

If you can’t get noticed during off season like you want to, it might be time to attract new people to your database. Run a targeted off-season PPC campaign on Facebook to help build up your email list or make sales. A PPC campaign can jump-start sluggish sales, but ensure that you have a good product or service that they need. You may need to change it and make it a little different for the off season.

Develop Complementary Products

If you sell a certain type of product or service, and you have continuous clients during the off season, you can add on to their purchases by offering complementary things. Thus you can turn one sale into two sales with an upsell or cross-sell at the time of checkout. It’s the old “would you like fries with that” trick that business use to up each ticket sale.

Find a Micro Niche

There are always ways to niche down your offerings even more. For example, if you offer beauty pageant coaching and there are no pageants coming up, perhaps you can offer the same type of services to another market such as people who need help with job interviews. You can offer a full service opportunity to train people how to dress right and answer questions right for job interviews.

You can create off-season sales that are in line with your seasonal sales if you plan in advance, find an appropriate way to turn the tide, and move forward.

Keeping Sales Consistent during Seasonal Slumps
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