Almost every Website owner will at some point run across somebody or an offer that seems to be too good to be true, they will give you tips to increase traffic to your website and they won’t care if in the process it ruins your entire business. All these people care about is making the sale and selling you a product that works. Sure, many of these traffic generating tips work, but only until you get caught, then websites such as Google will ruin your online business as they will block you, drop you from their search engine, and just imagine what that will do for your business?

Welcome to the dark side of Search Engine Optimisation and Online Marketing were anything goes in order to make the sale and short term profits outweigh long term gains. Where companies phone you up promising all manner of things, seldom knowing anything of real value, let me share a few things.

Keyword Mistakes

Within the content of your website, good content includes customer targeted keywords. You need to avoid using keywords that aren’t relevant to your audience, the products and services you offer and the actual page content.

You should also stop yourself from overusing keywords even if they are good highly targeted and relevant keywords. This is what is called keyword stuffing and is frowned upon. Keywords should be used throughout your website however you don’t want them to look forced or look misplaced. A keyword density of less than two percent is idea and I’m a firm believer in simply writing good quality content aimed at a target audience as that way keywords will be automatically be included.

Keyword Meta Tags

I wasn’t going to include these but as I had an Indian SEO company call me up (Jan 2014) and try to sell me their search engine optimisation services and upon enquiring they kept mentioning keyword meta-tags and keyword stuffing as good tactics I thought I should mention, Keyword Meta-Tags do not work they used to in the nineties but have long since been dropped by the search engines so you are wasting your time using them. Sidenote, I always find it amazing that all of these search engine optimisation companies seem to have use telesales or spam to gain work rather than rely upon what they are actually selling search engine optimisation services, shouldn’t they generate leads from their well ranking websites?

Link Farming

In the old days, setting up mini sites that had links linking back to your main site was standard Search Engine Optimisation practice. However, today, this will get you dinged by the Google Gods. Google’s algorithm weeds out link farms easily and quickly so avoid those companies that promise to get you a thousand backlinks for fifty dollars. Today, your blog should not be separate from your website it should form part of your website. Putting relevant content right on your website is going to be the most useful place for original content especially with long tail keyword marketing which will bring you highly targeted visitors based on your content.

Paid Followers and Likes

We’ve all seen social media websites from people hardly known with thousands of likes, or twitter accounts that seldom send tweets but have thousands of follows, these are your typical bought follows and it does the owner absolutely no good as people aren’t stupid.

Compensating people for liking or for following you via social media might make you look good but it’s also irrelevant. You want followers and likes from people who are truly interested in what you are selling. If you have a bunch of bought followers and likes all you really have are numbers on a screen that are irrelevant as it doesn’t help you in any real way. To use social media to your benefit you need engagement with real followers, this is what search engines look for and what you should aim for.

Paid Reviews

With so many review sites popping up, it’s tempting to pay your customers or give them some sort of incentive to give you a good review. However, this practice has not been appreciated in the past. It’s perfectly okay to ask for reviews of your customers; just don’t make promises for beanies for good reviews. You want honest, accurate reviews of your products, otherwise there is no point in a review site.

Bought Links

There are services which enable you to pay for a certain number of inbound links for a monthly fee. This is a terrible idea because search engines aren’t stupid. They are run by computer programs which can track this activity and know when they’re being scammed. It’s not going to get you a higher page rank so just don’t do it. You might get away with it for a very short time but it won’t last. And besides, the links aren’t even going to be relevant and drive traffic your way.


Instead of looking to get ahead quickly focus on creating unique quality content for your website and blog, aim it specifically at your target audience. Forget the tips and tricks and those companies that promise ever so much and focus instead on finding real customers who truly want what your selling as tricks will only ever work for a short period of time.

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