I often hear people say that video marketing is the future of the Internet, however if you sit and think about it, we’re actually following an already established marketing cycle. When people first started to market to one another this was carried out by word of mouth in a similar fashion when the Internet first started it was predominantly based on lots of discussion forums. Then people started to market to each other with print material, then we started to add images, and then we used sound on the radio. When television was invented, we started putting our pictures and text complete with voice-overs on televisions in the form of advertisements.

In the later part of the nineties businesses found the Internet and commercialization began, at this time the Internet was largely text based as bandwidth was limited. Then we started to experiment with audio files and as technology advanced we added more and larger images. Jump forward to today and Internet speeds and upgraded technology such as smart phones and tablets, mean we can watch streaming video from almost anywhere.

So if you think about it, video isn’t anything new, but because of the fact that the internet is getting faster and it’s getting easier for people to enjoy streaming video, it’s just a matter of time before video becomes more important than text based content. Don’t get me wrong, text based content will never be replaced but the split between the two will more than likely even out and one will complement the other, especially as one can speed read written content much quicker than watching a video.

Just because we had advertisements on televisions didn’t stop us from having advertisements on the radio or within newspapers or magazines. The same will hold true of the Internet, there will always be a variety of different forms of content, as well as different types of advertisements and marketing mediums.

All Visual content is going to become more important to go along with your text-based content. Inserting pictures that help illustrate your blog post or article, along with demonstration videos, will go far in making all your content more interesting, engaging, and actionable. Video accomplishes all of that easily. Video is easily to understand, and it’s not really that hard to create either, in fact almost anyone can do it.

Visual content like video activates both sides of the viewer’s brain, helping them to truly understand and imagine what it would be like to have what they desire and get what they need. There is hardly anything more powerful than the ability to affect both sides of someone’s brain when trying to market something to them. They will connect to your brand on an emotional level as well as an intellectual level and this means you will generally sell more.

The advent of more mobile devices with streaming capabilities makes even more likely that video marketing will only become more popular as time rolls forward. Most people, not just children, like to choose to read and view content that has visual elements. If they can have both visual and audio elements, so much the better. That is why the movie industry is so powerful. We love a good story and we love to truly see and visualize how people are affected.

If You Don’t Have a Video Marketing Strategy Yet.

It’s time to get one, you can start small with very few tools. You just need a camera, or the ability to record your desktop with a software program such as Camtasia Studio, to make a “how to” video for your clients or future customers, and you’re in the video marketing game. Just like that. If you don’t do it, you’re going to be left behind and in business, being left behind means you either spend a lot of time, money and energy catching up or you don’t and risk a ever dwindling order book.

Camtasia Studio – http://www.techsmith.com/camtasia.html

Is the Future of Content Marketing actually Video Marketing? 
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