This exciting form of marketing is available to any company that wants to work with influencers. An influencer is a person who has an audience that follows them, shares their content, and buys what the influencer suggests that they buy. They are often found on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media outlets, sharing their lives with their audience. This works in a business to consumer (B2C) model more than anything.

Know Your Audience

The first thing to do is understand who your audience is and who purchases your products now. Then you want to search for influencers that your audience likes. It won’t hurt to follow one or more of your customers to find out where they get their information and which influencers they like. Likely, other members of your audience will like the same things.

Study the Influencer

Work with influencers that are a natural fit with your brand in terms of their values and their audience, and focus on those who promote everything honestly without feeling the need to lie just because you paid them or gave them free product. Watch how they do it with others before you approach them.

Follow Their Audience

When you find influencers you think might work with your audience, you’ll want to get to know their audience too. That way you can see how dedicated they are. Do they comment a lot on the videos or Instagram updates? Do they fight with haters on behalf of the influencer? The more dedicated the audience, the more likely they are to buy what the influencer recommends.

Engage with Influencers

Before you even contact an influencer, you want to ensure that you follow them on their channels. Comment on their shares and become a known entity as one of their audience members. This can help promote trust so that when you do approach them, they’re going to be more likely to say yes.

Strike a Deal

You can go about this in various ways. Some influencers will talk about your product just because you sent it to them for free. But, you can also contact them and work out a deal. Let them lead the way with the deal. Tell them you’d love for them to try your product and give a review, and ask them what it will take. Then be generous with your offer for them and their audience.

Try Low Audience Influencers

Don’t assume that you must work with high volume or high audience influencers. The truth is, sometimes working with an influencer that has a smaller yet more dedicated audience can be more effective than one of the million view influencers. Using five smaller influencers for a simultaneous campaign can often work better.

Make It Easy

When you work with an influencer, you must work with them in their way because they appeal to their audience in their way. If you take over, it won’t feel right to their audience. But, you want to make it as easy and as automatic as possible for them to promote you, so be open to offering whatever they need – on time.

Give Them Creative Control

Because it’s their channel, you want them to have creative control when promoting your brand. Whether it’s clothing, a diet aid, or a training course for something, they need to be able to promote it in the way they know works best for their audience and you need to be comfortable with doing that.

The more you can work with the influencer on contests, giveaways, and other promotions, the better. If you work with an influencer more than once and develop an ongoing relationship, it’s going to be more likely that they recommend your products and services to their audience.

I have a Twitter following of around 240,000 people, if you have something you believe would be of interest to them, and my audience is a good fit with yours, send me a message and I’ll give six people the chance the send a promotional tweet or two to my own audience so that you can judge for yourself.

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