Improve Your Email Marketing with ECourses

Email marketing is still the best and more important online marketing method, it still allows you to get up close and personal, however you need to have lots of quality content.

There are all kinds of content you can create for your email marketing activities:

  • Tips and Tricks
  • Question and Answers
  • Product Reviews and Recommendations
  • Sale information, special offers
  • Announcements
  • And more

Improve Your Email Marketing with ECoursesAnother great way to engage your readers and get sign ups is with an eCourse, it’s a great way to come up with interesting, engaging and effective content. With a well-designed, written and put together course you can educate your readers about your products and services without it seeming like you’re trying to sell them. For instance, if you market a weight loss product, your eCourse could be about something like “16 weeks to a New You” Send those who sign up one email per week with tips and tricks for them to do each week so that by the end of the 16th week they have created a new healthy habit.

These weekly emails or drip fed content can be set up to be automatically sent via a suitable auto responder system. This means that once you have set it up, the system takes care of everything, leaving you the time to do other things whilst those that sign up receive regular weekly emails.

Each email also should also recommend a product or two to help them reach their goals, and of course one of the products or services will include your own creations. This works really well if you are a life coach or sell other types of services. Teach your audience what you do, why you do it, and how it can benefit them. Anytime you can find a way to educate your audience it’s a good idea to do it.

An email marketing course can be as short or long as you want it to be. You can also include the option for your “students” to email you answers to questions, or to link to a discussion board to discuss each week’s lesson. This is a great way to bring traffic to your website on which you can also recommend more of your products and services. Finding a way to send your eCourse subscribers to your website is always an excellent idea.

Building an eCourse is simple with an auto responder like AWeber or Get Response. Simply create a sign-up form, and place the code on your website. Then, upload an email series so that it goes out on a certain date, such as every seven days, or every Monday at 6pm. If you want to charge for your eCourse you can incorporate a payment gateway however if you are selling product via your mails, then you might restrict those sales by charging for the actual course.

It doesn’t matter what business you are in, you can tailor make an eCourse to suit your target customers, I use the 5 things to fix on your website within 7 days yourself, eBook as a sign up system… this is also backed up with an auto-responder series of emails designed to educate the readers whilst the last few are designed to sell my services. If you are having trouble thinking what you can do, you can speak to me or your local online marketing expert I am sure they will be able to advise you, after asking you a few key questions.

By creating an interactive ecourse that is on autopilot, you’ll get more list member sign-ups, keep them more engaged, and probably make more money from your list in the long run. A person who signs up for an eCourse is expecting a certain amount of emails from you, which makes it even easier to market your products and services to them without seeming pushy.

Email Marketing Works So Just Do It

Email Marketing works, you just need to make it personal to you and your business and do it, most people spend far to much time planning and not enough time actually doing it, so do yourself a favor, start your email marketing now, today.

Improve Your Email Marketing with ECourses
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