Many new to content marketing focus solely on keywords, and although they are certainly an important aspect of marketing your business, there is much more to marketing than keywords. As you carry out keyword research for your target audience, keep the following points in mind, as they should not be overlooked.

Understand Your Target Niche

Picking a profitable niche is important if you want to make money online, but it’s also important to actually have, or develop, some real knowledge about your niche. If you’re not willing to spend a considerable amount of time immersed in getting to know the niche you are involved in, it might not be the right one for you to try to make money in. You can have the best keywords according to the data, but miss the mark when you don’t really understand and relate to your niche.

Know Your Target Audience

Important Keyword Facts You Shouldnt Overlook For Your Target AudienceAnother important factor when choosing the keywords you want to use in your marketing campaigns is understanding your audience. If you don’t know who they are down to being able to create individual audience personas, it’s likely you’ll actually miss out on finding the right keywords to maximize your marketing to your audience.

Think of all the different words that can be used for a couch. Sofa, couch, settee, divan, davenport and other words are used by specific audiences. If you don’t know your audience, you have no idea what word is most popular for them to use to describe their couch.

Know the Why behind Your Content

Every piece of content you create needs to have a purpose, and this shouldn’t simply be to utilize the keywords from your keyword research. Simply having keywords floating around on a page, with no other reason than to attract search engine traffic will not result in more business. You will undoubtedly get attract more website visitors, but it’s most likely not as targeted as it should be and once these people find your website, if you content doesn’t engage them, then they are off to the next website. Use keywords in your content, but know the purpose of publishing the content and engage your audience.

I write a lot of articles and some of these are highly optimized for keywords, in fact they are the best they can be. However I always start by writing an article, I have a keyword phrase in mind and will use it a couple of times if the opportunity presents itself. However my only aim when writing is to engage my audience and share the knowledge that I have, the keyword placement is secondary to that.

Keep Improving Your Website Performance

Keywords optimized content might help bring people to your website, however all of the keywords in the world aren’t going to help you convert visitors into sales if your website isn’t designed correctly. You need to keep working on improving your websites performance while also improving keyword usage, and in the end you’ll end up with a winning combination. Let me give you a hint, your website needs to be responsive and it should include tools to aid with Keyword Optimization, AB Split testing and more, but start by making sure it is responsive.

Care about Your Target Audience’s Satisfaction

When creating keyword-rich content, it’s important to provide value to your audience in a way that makes them feel important, thought about, and satisfied. If someone follows a search term to your site and finds an article that has nothing to do with what they thought, they’ll just click away. So always think of them when writing or having any type of content from menus, blog posts, podcasts, videos and even colors and images created for your website.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Really, there isn’t much more to say about this other than that using a keyword more than three or four times on any one blog post is likely too much. This includes using it in the title and anchor text. There are times when it flows well and needs to be done but do not force it. Use keywords well and you’ll have better results, and best advice is simply to write to engage your audience and your keywords will often flow naturally.

Finally, optimizing the use of keywords will never go out of style, so ensure you understand your target audience and select keywords that mean something to them.

Important Keyword Facts You Shouldnt Overlook For Your Target Audience
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