Sending mass emails is the way you send information to your audience. But, there are some factors you need to consider whenever you want to send out mass emails. You cannot just send them to anyone you want, regardless of how you obtained the email address. To be on the safe side, follow these tips.

They Must Have Chosen to Opt In

When you use an autoresponder system such as to create your list, be sure to let everyone opt in before you send them any emails. You can ask people to let you add them, or you can direct them via marketing to your sign-up form. But, you should not send mass emails to anyone who has not opted in.

Learn Everything You Can about Spam is an email autoresponder software program that has a great infographic about spam laws in various countries. The infographic can help you stay out of trouble.

Link –

Create Attention-Grabbing Subject Lines

Your subject lines matter a great deal more than you might think. Using the wrong words in your subject line might make your audience think the email is spam. It might just get your email completely ignored too, so there is a fine line to learn. Test out different subject lines for the best results.

Keep It Short and To the Point

Don’t make your email message super-long. No one is going to read it. Give a little background, get to the meat, and then make your offer and link them to the real content to give them more information and more to read. Use your email to get them back to your website or blog.

Include Your Contact Information

It is required in the USA that your emails include your business address. If you don’t have a business address, consider getting one, because you really don’t want your audience to have your personal home address.

Avoid Using Too Many Graphics

Using too many graphics and images can slow down the ability for anyone to open or even receive the email. It might bounce for some recipients, and it might be seen as more “spam like” by some email hosts who will block and filter email messages like this.

Ensure It’s Optimized for Mobile

This is very important because most people look at their email today via their mobile devices. Not only should they be able to read the email, but they should also be able to take action via the email.

Test, Test, Test

Whatever you choose to do, testing is important. You want to test each thing you do before you even send the first email. That way, you can ensure that you’ve left no stone unturned to send mass emails without a problem and that gets results.

Sending mass emails can be a very lucrative way to add a revenue stream. Just make sure that you’re not breaking any rules of the law of the land, or breaking terms of service for your email provider. It is best to use an autoresponder email system for mass emails to help you avoid problems.

Important Factors When Sending Mass Emails
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