You may have heard this term before as a “unique selling proposition,” but it’s the same thing as a unique selling point or USP. Essentially a USP differentiates you from your competition and separates you from others who do the same thing you do. In addition, it puts your company in the position of being the choice for anyone needing what you offer. In other words, a good USP will identify you as the go-to person for that offering.

To develop your USP:

  • Define What Makes You Unique – What advantages does your company have over the competition? What problem does your company solve in what way that makes it better and different (unique) to a point that it is also a reason to do business with you?
  • Don’t Be Generic – When you’re creating your statement, you don’t want it to be boring or use generic terms. You want a strong, descriptive phrase that makes no mistake about what it is that you do.
  • KISS – Remember to keep it simple and short. You don’t need a novel; you’re just creating a simple phrase or sentence. That should make it easier to create.

Think of it this way:

  • My name is (business name or your name).
  • I love (whatever it is you love that made you create your business).
  • But it was not perfect because (whatever was wrong that made you create your own).
  • So, I created (your business) that (does this to fill in the missing piece of what was out there already).

Try to keep your answers to no more than a couple sentences. Describe what you have done without mentioning the name of your products – focus instead of the solutions you provide. You don’t want to shut down the conversation; instead you want to start one. You want people to ask questions but understand what you do in a clear way, while also avoiding words that are used too often and are now cliché.

What is it about your product that will get your audience excited? What problems does your product or service solve and why are you the one to do it?

Let’s look at an example:

My name is Steve, I love online marketing, but when many of the people I know tried to learn more about online marketing they was often confronted by scams. So I created courses packed with content that cuts through all the scams for you so that you can get the right information at the right time.

Your result should flow well. A good USP will explain the main benefits to your audience for using your services or buying your products over someone else’s. When you create a USP that you write down, you need to integrate it into everything you do online – from creating marketing collateral to communicating with customers and more. Take the time to create your USP today. It won’t take long.

Importance of a Unique Selling Proposition
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