Once you attract affiliates, if you want to keep them promoting for you, it’s imperative to make it simple for them. Don’t create tons of rules or put blocks in their way regarding promoting your products. At the same time, don’t keep around dishonest affiliates no matter how much they sell. This will encourage good people to stick around and keep your business healthy.

Create a Private Forum or Facebook Group for Affiliates

Today, this is as simple as creating a Facebook group for your affiliates. But a warning. Facebook groups may not always be here. Ensure that you also have affiliates on an email list so that you can move them to a new forum if Facebook groups disappear. Remember, nothing about the net is the same today as it was ten years ago. Everything changes. Killer apps appear and can pull the rug out from under you at any moment.

Use the forum to communicate contests, answer questions, and get to know your affiliates. In there you can ask questions, conduct live training, and more. Use all the features of your forum of choice to help your affiliates get motivated to market your products. The more often you send information to them and say, “Send this to your email lists,” the more money everyone will make.

Segment Your Affiliates

If you have a great product and program, at some point some of your affiliates will truly stand out as “super affiliates.” That means that they’re earning an enormous amount of money from your program as a percentage of total sales. Sometimes that means one affiliate is selling 80 percent of your products. When affiliates stand out, segment them from the others so that you can provide even more personalized services to them.

A super affiliate should be able to set up webinars with the product owners, the affiliate managers, and other experts in your business and run with it. If you segment them and offer those affiliates just a little extra – such as a higher commission rate, an extra percentage of sales, or even let them win prizes like cars, they’re going to feel super-special and want to work even harder for you.

Understand How Affiliates Generate Revenue

If you don’t understand the business model that an affiliate marketer has, it can be hard to manage them. That’s where a good affiliate manager comes in. If you’re having trouble relating to your affiliates, consider hiring an affiliate manager so that your affiliate program works well with how the affiliates do business (which may be very different from how you do business with your own products).

Provide Effective Resources and Tools

To make more money, provide your affiliates with all the product education, marketing materials and collateral that they need to market your products. This may include different-sized graphics in different colors. For super affiliates, you may want to provide graphics that match their branding more than yours. You might even want to provide a specialized link that’s easier for them to promote, such as thesalespagedotcom/theaffiliatesname. The tools and resources you provide affiliates can make all the difference.

Communicate Frequently with Your Affiliates

One reason for creating a group or forum is to increase how much you communicate with your affiliates. That’s also the reason you have them on a list. But, you may want to take it even further than that by calling affiliates that are super performers. The more ways you can communicate with them, the better. Use text, video, email, groups, forums, meet-ups, and the telephone so that they know you care about them.

Host Contests Regularly

A great way to motivate affiliates is to host contests for each launch. Plus, launch often. If you can keep them busy competing against each other in friendly competition, you’ll not only improve their return on investment but also your own.

Contests should have appropriate prizes compared to the amount of income you’re making. If you make a million dollars in revenues of a product launch, pay out half to affiliates, and spend another 20 percent on other expenses, then you are left with quite a bit to use for an amazing prize that will get buzz for your top affiliate – like a car. You can guarantee to attract more super affiliates this way too.

Never Break Your Promises

The worst thing you can do is tick off your affiliates by not sticking to your promises. If you say something, it needs to be true. If a mistake happens honestly, just speak up and say so. Always keep the lines of communication open so that if something unexpected happens, you can easily fix it with your integrity and honesty.

Pay Them Fast

This is probably one of the most important factors for motivating your affiliates. Be clear about how you pay your affiliates and be on time each pay period. Don’t make them hunt down their money or make them wait until they reach a certain benchmark to get paid. It’s their money; even if it’s only a buck, pay them as soon as you reasonably can after your return policy has expired (usually 30 days).

When you engage your affiliates, provide numerous tools, and answer their questions and fix their problems fast, you’ll end up with long-term affiliates who will be the backbone of your business.

Some Ideas for Motivating Your Affiliates
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