Lots of top businesses are using micro-influencers very successfully throughout social media platforms. Here are a few examples that spring to mind that you can learn from. Remember, it really doesn’t matter what type of product you’re wanting to promote. If you can find the right influencer to mention your brand, it can get the things moving in the right direction.

Mother-in-Law’s Kimchi

They started their handcrafted Kimchi brand in 2009 based on their bestselling restaurant Kimchi. They didn’t want to use tons of money marketing with TV ads, so they started using influencers via Instagram and YouTube. They themselves have a big presence on these platforms. One of their biggest influencers started working with the brand when they came out with a vegan version. You can see Mommy Tang on YouTube cook with Mother-in-Law’s Kimchi.

Website – https://milkimchi.com/
Video – https://youtu.be/mDyhlTybVMM

LaCroix Sparkling Water

This sparkling water really took off when Instagram and YouTube users started raving about it on social media. This low to no-calorie sparkling water managed to make a huge hit using influencers to put the word out. Just do a quick, easy search on Instagram or YouTube and you’ll see tons of reviews and mentions of this addictive drink.

Website – http://www.lacroixwater.com/
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/lacroix/?hl=en


This is a high-speed blender that was traditionally used in food service and sold via demonstrations in department stores to home users. It still is, but they really managed to break into social media early by using influencers on YouTube to regularly use their products in their cooking demonstrations – without being overtly sales-oriented like the in-store demos are.

Website – https://www.vitamix.com/
Video – https://youtu.be/PAb5B_9NQ2M

Instant Pot

This is an electric pressure cooker. Its claim to fame is easy cleaning, but it shot up to prominence due to cooks using the Instant Pot on their cooking channels online. Chefs like Chef AJ are regular users of the Instant Pot and often promote it on their pages. Instant Pot has also allowed people to write cookbooks using their name (unlike another well-known slow-cooker brand), working directly with chefs and formerly home cooks.

Website – http://instantpot.com/
Chef AJ – https://youtu.be/ZjwqqPe6vdU


Leadpages is software designed to help businesses make amazing landing pages for their websites. This one seems harder than a physical product, but it’s not. One look on YouTube tells you that many people are using Leadpages and also bragging about their accomplishments using it, as well as making “how to” videos.

Website – https://www.leadpages.net/welcome
Video – https://youtu.be/2sEQHhcI3rk


They chose family friendly influencers to share personal photos of their holiday celebrations, along with a link to get a discount off their own keepsake to remember the special moments with using the hashtag #KeepsakeIt. This was a very successful campaign where they used multiple micro-influencers to bring their ornament into the interest of the influencers’ audiences.

Website – https://www.hallmark.com/
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/keepsakeit/

Using micro-influencers helped these top brands spread awareness and make more sales. Does it give you any ideas about how to do it for your product and brand? If you’re not sure, search on the problem your product solves. The influencers currently talking about the problem might be just the right people to help you.

How Top Businesses Are Using Micro Influencers Successfully
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