Writing reviews is a great way to get the information out about various affiliate products that you want to promote. Just let people know how awesome the product is with examples and a good story, and you’ll be able to make more sales than you thought possible. But first, you must write an excellent, rock solid review.

Know the Product Well

Most of the time this means you’ll need to use the product or get someone to use the product for you within that niche so that you can collect feedback about how well the product works, how it works, and why your audience should buy it.

Get to Know the Creator

Another way to help you write rock solid reviews of affiliate products is to get to know the creator of the products. If it’s someone you trust and know well enough, you won’t necessarily have to use the product first to know that it’s great.

Use Marketing Materials as a Starting Point

Usually product creators develop marketing materials to help convince people to buy their product. But, you don’t have to use only their materials. In fact, you would do well to use it only as a starting point and make your own just for your audience.

Write for Your Audience

Don’t forget your own audience in the process of choosing affiliate products to promote. Know who they are, what they want, what their problems are and exactly how this product solves the problems so that you can mention them in the review.

Teach Them How to Use the Product

A really great way to write a product review is to focus on “how to” use the product. If you write the review based on how to use the product, it’s a super-simple way to go over all the benefits of the product for the audience as you go through each step. If it’s not that type of product, you can write a case study instead.

Explain Why They Might Need the Product

Everyone wants to know why they need the product and why they should use it. The “why” must be clear and explain all the benefits of using the product.

Be Honest and Open

There will come a time when you are asked to review something you truly did not like. The best course of action is to not review it at all. But, if you aren’t afraid of controversy, go ahead and review it. The most important of all is to be honest.

Avoid Extraneous Commentary

When you write a review, remember it’s only about how the product works for the audience and what it can do for them. It’s not about you or the product really. It’s all about the benefits. It’s about the pain points the product solves for your audience.

Writing great reviews that help your audience choose what to buy is a good way to promote affiliate products. Affiliate products that work well deserve awesome commentary from you about what’s so great about them and how that affects your audience.

How to Write Reviews of Affiliate Products
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