An effective email call to action (CTA) will depend on your actual goal for sending the email. Of course, not all emails are the same, there are different kinds of email in terms of both content and delivery method.

In terms of content, they are:

  • Informational or Educational
  • Promotional
  • Transactional – that is, getting your subscriber to take a poll or survey, for example

In terms of delivery, they are:

  • Autoresponder or follow-up emails
  • Broadcast or news-type emails

Depending on the content, you would choose a certain delivery format and also a particular call to action.


For informational emails, your call to action might be to “Click here for more information“. The URL might contain more information, or a sales letter for a product related to the content of the email.

Promotional emails will often be like sales letters for your products, so “Buy now” would be a logical call to action.

For transactional emails, such as taking a survey or writing a review of a product, the CTA should be clear and take them to a URL where they could accomplish it.

A secondary call to action for all of these types of emails would be to suggest they share the content with anyone they think might be interested in it also.

Delivery Method

Autoresponder or follow-up emails are what we would term evergreen. They will never go out of date; they will always be of interest to your target audience in your niche or industry. They can be sent out at any time. Copy and paste each email into the follow-up area of your email marketing platform. Each email will be sent out in sequence.

Whenever a new person comes on to your list, they will receive each email in turn. Some subscribers might come on to your email list in January, and some in July. The emails will be interesting no matter when they register. The call to action should send them to a logical page to learn more or buy.

With a broadcast email, the content will be newsworthy and the CTA will be related to that news. For example, if you are launching a new product, you might offer it for a special low price to your subscribers. In this case, the CTA would be “Buy now“, or “Act now before the special offer disappears forever.”

The content will be current, related to the month or a specific date. For example, if you send out a broadcast in January, it might be related to New Year’s Day, health, fitness, resolutions and so on. In July, you might send out broadcast emails about the Fourth of July, summer, what to do with your time off during summer vacation and so on.

Once you are clear about the purpose of the email you are sending out, you can create the correct call to action.

Email marketing works best when the content provides a context for the call to action, which will most often be to buy something. For example, if you are writing about dog training, your emails about the topic could point them to a range of offers, such as dog training books, leashes, collars, and other training aids.

More effective emails with strong calls to action should help you achieve all of your business goals.

How to Write an Effective Email Call to Action
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