The whole point of marketing and sales is to turn prospects into clients and the process should start as soon as you come into contact with a prospect. As a service provider, having clients means I can pay my bills and I love to eat steak at least once a week, so I’m always working on gaining my next client, even when my client roster is full.

In an ideal world, you want a waiting list full of potential clients. That’s why you continuously build up a list of prospects, but don’t wait until you need the client to fill a spot to start turning them into clients, it’s too late then. Start from the moment they sign up for your list, they start to read your content (content marketing), etc. If you do, when a spot opens up you’ll have a choice of your ideal clients from which to choose. To turn a prospect into a client you need to:

How to Turn Prospects into Clients Build Trust

Provide all prospects with information and education freely without trying to sell to them, I cannot stress this enough, stop trying to sell and close sales without first building trust you will not gain sales and will turn prospects away. When someone signs up for your email list, or signs up to the webinar you’re hosting, or reads your eBook, they are trusting you to deliver a certain quality. Seek to exceed their expectations in order to build the trust this isn’t necessarily a quick process but for those that build trust, it’s easy to turn prospects into clients.

Solve Their Problems and Turn Prospects Into Clients

Your audience has problems, they have issues and worries that you can solve with your expertise. If you can describe issues that your audience has and tell how you can solve those issues, then you show them that you provide solutions for them. In other words, you don’t sell a transcription service (if that is your business); you sell time. By transcribing for them instead of them having to do it themselves, you are giving them more time to work on more ideas and projects than they could without you.

As an Internet Marketing Expert I don’t sell my website design, marketing and conversion services, I sell the results these services generate, the extra orders, the added revenue and the things this allows my clients to achieve, by using this problem solving technique you can convert more prospects into clients.

Become a Center of Influence

This might sound counterproductive, but not every client or every prospect is right for you, some of them you can’t help. But, if you’re like me you’ll know someone else who can help them, better than you. It’s important that you that you refer them to those businesses because:

  1. You’ve just made yourself a valuable resource to your audience
  2. Those your refer business too will remember and in turn return the favor.

Remember, the key to giving referrals is to give them only to people you trust to do a good job because the next time that person needs work that you can do, they’ll contact you again.

Provide a Fresh New Perspective

Sometimes potential clients come to you already frazzled. They need so much done that they don’t even know where to begin. Take charge of the call, meeting or email and help your potential client make a list of what needs to be done so that you can determine if you are right for the position. Help them think through the actions and work needed to reach their goals and remember big goals are simply lots of small goals put together.

Finally, if you don’t convert prospects into clients the time of the first call, ask them to be part of your email list, so that they can receive more information. In addition, whether they’re part of your list or not, follow up with them in a couple of weeks or a month or two to find out how things are going for them, the money is always in the follow up.

How to Turn Prospects into Clients
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