Your businesses unique story is what separates and differentiates you from everyone else. Without it you’re just one more solution for the same old problem that your audience has to choose from and without something that grabs people’s attention and says I’m different all people have to choose on is price. Unless you’re running a dollar store or are well known for low prices, you don’t want your audience to choose you based on price alone, you want them to choose you because you are you, as your story shows.

Your story is a compilation of everything that makes you who you are, it’s what you do and all that you are. It starts with your ideas, mission, aims, your website and every product and service that you offer. It includes your blog and your social media, your successes, the lessons you have learned. Everything taken together tells your own unique story and as such it’s important to understand how it all fits together.

How to Tell Your Unique Story


Telling your unique story starts with these questions:

When, Why and How Did You Start?

The best way to show authenticity is to be able to tell your audience when, why and how you started doing what you do. If you can tell your story so that your audience relates to it, depending on your skill it’s also possible to draw them in and get them to root for your success. By doing so you will be able to pull on their emotional heartstrings as you’ll be perceived as a close friend, almost part of the family so to say.

How Do You Want Customers to View You?

As you write your story, it’s important to convey ideas, values, mission and aims in a no-nonsense way that isn’t perceived as fake and contrived. While your story might not engage everyone, that doesn’t matter and isn’t important as they are not your audience. Your audience consists of the people who can relate to your story, who share your values and want to be part of your story.

Where Do You See Your Business in the Future?

This is where you get to dream as big as you want, let your audience know where you see your business in the future. Whilst doing so you can also refine customer expectations towards what you offer rather than what the competition offers. For example, if you donate a percentage of profit to a particular charity, people should know about it.

Answering these questions is important, it defines who you are. You are going to be able to share this with your audience, via every communication you have with them, be it your blog, social media or through the types of products you offer. With the answers to these questions you can start to form your story and weave it throughout everything you do.

  • Share through Story Telling – This might be hard to do at first, but persist until you are comfortable using an honest, no holds barred communication style to tell your story, your customers story, and the story of your products and services is a great start. Use interviews, case studies and in-depth blog posts to accomplish this.
  • Share through Doing Good – Something else you might want to share and blog about is your involvement within your local community, how you give something back that is noticeable and if you aren’t doing this then you should be. You don’t want to do this just to get noticed as that will come across and work against you. But you do want to pick something that helps people to understand who you are as a business owner and what your business stands for.
  • Share through Experiences – If you’ve been around the block you and your audiences will almost certainly share many common experiences that should be discussed. The more ways you can relate to them, the more they will relate to you and the more ways they’ll see your products and services as being unique and different.
  • Share with the Truth – Given how almost everything is spun nowadays you might be tempted to exaggerate, hype and blow smoke, these tricks aren’t needed especially as people are smart to such things. All your audience wants is the black and white, warts and all truth. If it takes twenty hours a week to do what you do, and you’re teaching them, tell the truth. If you’ve had to stay up all night to work around your wedding anniversary, say so and if you turn fifty just like I did the other week and you decide to take a day off, share that too.
  • Share Everywhere – Many business try to share their story in a fashion on their about us pages. You should however tell your story everywhere, use infographics, memes, blog posts, guest blog posts, articles, testimonials and every possible way you can think of to spread your story. More importantly be your story by your actions.

Your story is unique to you, to your brand and is weaved throughout everything you do. It showcases your values, ethics, your past, present and future, and it makes you stand out from the rest in a compelling, relevant and useful manner. By sharing your story you will increase your ROI exponentially as people will connect with you like never before.

How to Tell Your Unique Story
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