Reducing buyer fear and closing the sale is your job as a business owner, marketer or sales person. If you have a product or service to sell, then it’s time to get serious about reducing buyer fear so that you can boost your conversions. After all, closing the sale is the point because if you don’t do that, no one will experience your amazing product or service that solves their problems.

Be Yourself

First, it’s important that you are yourself online. If you want to market online you cannot hide behind a cartoon or a fake persona. Today, it’s too easy to find out who people really are, and people don’t trust those who try to be someone else.

Get Testimonials

Make it part of your process in your follow-up series after anyone makes a purchase to, at some point (long enough for them to use the product or service), ask for a testimonial. It works better if you use a form on your site that they can just fill out, add their business info, and upload their image.

Speak with Your Buyer

Don’t just talk to people who might buy from you. Direct some of your messages to your buyer in an email series, on social media, and (if your product is a high-priced product or high end or very personal in nature) consider giving them a quick call to check in on them.

Offer Generous Return Options

While you may not want to offer too big of a refund option if you have a service-based product, you will want to if it’s a digital product. You can be very flexible when you sell digital products. It costs you nothing to give the money back other than one lost sale. But, you can never get back your reputation so it’s not worth it not to give the money back.

Offer a Free Trial Period

If you sell software or a membership, it’s easy to give away a free trial period to your buyers to help get them over the edge to buy. Once they see how great it is, they’re more likely to purchase. Plus, for risk-adverse buyers it helps them feel safer about making that purchase.

Get More Ratings and Reviews

Make it part of your email series after someone buys your products to link them to a way to provide ratings and reviews. The reason Amazon has so many reviews is they regularly ask for them. You may not be as big as Amazon, but reviews and ratings do help visitors make a choice.

Recruit Influencer Endorsements

One way to boost your social proof fast is to pay an influencer for an endorsement. Do understand that when you hire an influencer you need to be sure that they’re part of your target audience and that they serve your target audience too. Then, you need to know that they do not have to give you a good review. They may hate your product and you still must pay them. But, a great influencer can make a huge difference. You can incentivize them by making them an affiliate too.

Add Media Logos and Trust Badges

Have you been mentioned in the press or gone on a TV interview? Do you have membership in organizations or groups that offer trust badges like the BBB? Put them on your site. These are best near the bottom of your site, but they do make a difference.

Reveal Your Subscriber Counts

If you have a lot of subscribers to your email list then you should show how many you have. However, it’s important that before you do this, you know what would be considered a lot for your industry.

Show Your Privacy Policy Clearly

To help build more trust, the privacy policy is very important. So many people hide it. You should not hide it; put it right near your sign-up form so that they can click it (open to a new page) and see it right then so that if they are nervous they can get reassured. Use some normal language in your policy with the legalese so that it is understandable to them.

Use Trusted Payment Gateways

If you’re asking for money, it’s important to offer the payment gateways that your audience trusts. For most people that’s going to be PayPal. Yes, PayPal charges a fee but so do credit cards. It’s important to understand how different gateways affect your sales. Test it out.

Create a Modern-Looking Website

If your website doesn’t look modern and doesn’t work on mobile devices, people will click away as they can see that your business doesn’t value its online presence, others may not trust it’s security. Ideally you need to have SSL installed, and let them know that your site is safe and why it’s safe. Make sure the process works well and looks safe too.

Reducing buyer fear and closing the sale is an important aspect of marketing online and even offline. People only buy from those they feel as if they know, like, and trust. You included. You know you’re trustworthy so show it by proving it.

How to Reduce Buyer Fear and Close the Sale
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