Marketing your Amazon store or any online store is pretty much just like marketing anything else. The only real difference is that your sending your potential customers outside of your own website to make purchases on another website. Under normal circumstances this would be frowned upon and would cost you sales, however Amazon is so well respected and trusted that it might actually improve conversion rates. Here are a few tips on how you can market your Amazon store.


I’m a massive fan of Twitter and I firmly believe every single business should have an active Twitter account. Simply follow people who you believe may want to buy your items or need them (your target audience). Communicate with them by retweeting, sharing, and commenting on the things that they say, this way when you share an item that you want to promote, they’ll reciprocate and share it. It’s important to get people to follow you as well, so make your profile interesting and tweet often.


You have to be careful about overtly advertising on Facebook as they don’t like that, but you can promote items that you like on there and then pay to boast the post, or even run a paid advertisement for your items via Facebook ads. Promote your Facebook to others to sign up and like with a Facebook ad as well. I’ve also just started to utilize Twitter to grow my Facebook page and I’m averaging 50-70 new likes per week from Twitter alone. Oh and I love to cross promote as my aim is to have my content wherever my audience is, be it Twitter, Facebook or someplace else.


Make pinboards about products that people within your niche might need or want. Include your products in the board so that they’ll find it and want to buy it. Make sure that it links to your store or even better directly to the item that you’re selling in your store.

Blogging or Content Marketing

Write blog posts about the products that you promote in your Amazon store. You can do comparisons to other products, your own in-depth review, and otherwise mention the product. Then link to it so that they can buy it if they want it, whilst reading your blog this after all is the perfect call to action in such circumstances.


Make videos showing what your products look like, what they do and if possible demonstrate how they solve problems or entertain people. Demonstration videos really help get the word out about a product and can be used before buying and after buying to help get the most out of any product purchased.

Pay Per Click

If you sell products that are high enough priced with a large profit margin, you can run pay-per-click advertisements that link directly to the product. Advertising is always a good way to get more customers for these types of products. If you however, have inexpensive items, another way to use pay per click is to build up an email list and then market your products to them via the email list but when doing this be careful to ensure you attract the right audience.

Send Post Cards

When someone buys something from you, send them a post card with a coupon for their next purchase. You can also purchase a mailing list of potential buyers and send them a coupon for their first purchase as well. When I first started out in business here in Australia, I actually had thousands of post cards printed, these were delivered to thousands of local businesses via the post office … and this is how I secured my first bunch of customers.

Mini Websites

Start a special website for each category of product that you sell on your Amazon store. You can then have a specialist blog to really attract a target audience. Whilst also including product information, links to buy the product and various images. Plus, you can post “how to” videos and more on the website to help people interested make a good choice and buy. This works best if you’re going to keep the item stocked indefinitely.

Promoting your Amazon store is really no different from promoting any other product you’d sell on your own website. You simply need to follow the ever-changing terms of service on Amazon and keep up to date and in compliance with them. Plus, as they say, “always be marketing” and your store will become successful.

How to Market Your Store Externally
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