The aim of every email marketing professional is to make email marketing messages memorable, which means you need to focus on your audience whilst also aiming to promote your products and services in a way that appeals to them. You want your audience to remember you after they close your email, especially if they have chosen not to click through on your call to actions. Creating memorable emails is as easy as following these tips and we all know what memorable email marketing leads to don’t we? Better relationships and over time better engagement and click through rates.

Never Forget the Welcome Email

Every new sign-up to your autoresponder series should receive a welcome message or a message that explains the coming series, this message should be sent immediately whenever someone signs up. This will let your audience know that they have succeeded in signing up, or that a new series is starting on a list they have been a member of for some time. It’s a nice thing to do that will excite your audience and make them feel as if you are thinking of their needs.

Always Tell Your Audience What to Expect

It’s always a good idea to explain to your audience about what to expect with any series of emails. This can be within your welcome message, or it can be in a message following the welcome message. Explain to them that they’ll get a new message every week or every two weeks or every day, whatever you’ve decided is your schedule, and how important it is that they read the messages. It’s a good time as well to invite them to offer feedback to you about the messages and information you’re sharing with them.

Explain to Your Audience Who You Are

They want to know who you are and why you are the one to share knowledge with them, what makes you special? Don’t brag, but do tell them why you are the one who can help them with their problems. Share awards you’ve won, publications you’re created, and certification and education you’ve completed. Include life experience that got you to where you are now and how that experience can help them with their problems.

Use Simple, Direct Language

Avoid using lots of big words when expressing deep thoughts or hard to understand concepts. Choosing the simplest language will make your message more memorable and understandable to your audience. Using words that are too complicated and too big will bore them, even if your audience is full of geniuses who understand your niches jargon. Be direct and to the point and avoid being long winded, and you’ll get a much better response.

One Idea at a Time

Each email message should encompass one idea at a time so as not to confuse the audience about what you want them to do. Having more than one or two CTAs can also confuse your audience and leave them wondering what to do. You want each message to stand on its own in such a way that there is no doubt about what you expect your audience to do.

Create a Good Catchword or Phrase

When you think of different known brands and commercials, they come up with super simple catchwords and phrases that you can’t forget. A really memorable one is “Life’s messy, clean it up!” That’s so simple, yet most of us know this came from the company Bissell™. If you can create something like this and use it as your sign off, they’ll remember your brand better.

Timing Is Everything

Each audience is different, so at first you’ll need to test different times to send the messages to your audience. Each autoresponder service has some stats that they will share with you which you can use as an initial guideline about when to send messages. But, you should use A/B split testing to ensure that you are sending messages at the right time and on the right days.

Create Heartfelt Messages

Depending on your audience, sometimes sending really heartfelt messages that help you get closer to your audience will make them feel closer to you and more attached to you. Be careful not to over share and make people uncomfortable, but sharing your journey of homeless to successful six-figure online business is perfectly acceptable and it sure will help you connect with your audience on a level many businesses fail to do.

Creating memorable email messages can take some testing and tweaking, but trying one or all of the tips in this list can help bring you a lot closer to making all your email marketing messages more memorable and thus more successful.

How to Make Your Email Autoresponder Messages More Memorable
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