Audience engagement should be part of any effective marketing strategy. It’s the best way to keep your brand at the top of your audience’s mind. Engagement includes page views, email opens, social media interactions and such like, if you want to make audience engagement part of your marketing strategy, consider this.

Get to Know Your Audience

Know where your audience hangs out, understand what your audience is looking for, and keep up on the trends in your industry that affect your audience. When you know these factors, it’s going to be easier to plan engagement and make it part of your marketing strategy. If you don’t know this information, it’ll be harder.

Know Your Mission and Values

Before you engage with your audience, it’s important to understand your own mission and values for your business. That way you can develop content that makes sense. For example, starting a Facebook page or group about “Low Carb Eating” needs content about low carb eating – not pictures of cats or babies laughing.

Set Your Goals

Know exactly how each piece of content you create affects your audience. Know what you want them to do after they consume the content. For example, if you wrote a blog post for your audience, you may have a goal for them to download your content upgrade so they move to your email list. That’s something measurable that you can view to find out if you’re meeting your goal. If you can’t measure it, it’s not a good goal.

Get Help

If you’re not sure how to enact engagement with your audience in an effective way, you can hire someone to assist you. There are marketing experts who can help you create an engagement strategy for your type of business that will work. Look to your community or post a job request on one of the job platforms. You can also hire a coach who will help you implement your engagement strategy.


One of the best things about doing business today – especially with online marketing – is that you can experiment with different tactics, look at the data, then tweak your actions to improve the results on the fly. You’re not stuck with anything. However, that’s only true if you are using positive engagement tactics. Remember, everything online lives forever someplace, even if you delete it.

Making audience engagement part of your marketing strategy is a no-brainer. It must be part of a good marketing strategy today if you want your efforts to be effective and get results. Engagement gets a lot of positive results for your business, and can actually make or break your business.

How to Make Audience Engagement Part of Your Marketing Strategy
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