There are a number of ways to use paid search advertisements to grow your email marketing list. Google AdWords and Bing are the top pay-per-click (PPC) networks, and you can also run ads on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest that will lead to an opt-in page where visitors can sign up for your email list.

Know Your Niche

The secret of success with PPC is knowing your niche; that is, understanding your market well enough to know what they are searching for. The searches will be run through keywords, and your ads with those keywords will be served on the search engine results pages on Google and Bing.

In social media, they will appear in the feeds of people who have expressed an interest in that particular topic. Creating offers that will be of real interest to people in your niche is the best way to grow your list and therefore make the most of your PPC budget.

Create a Great Ad

Entice them and give a clear call to action to get them to click over to the page, such as “Get your free download now,” or “Start your free eCourse today.”

Create a Great Squeeze Page

A squeeze page, or opt-in page, is designed to get a person’s email address so they will subscribe to your list. Be clear about what they will get and the benefits of it.

Create a Great Incentive

These days, it’s not enough to offer a newsletter. To get people to sign up, offer an incentive your target audience will love. A free eBook is good, but a free eCourse is even better because it will give you the chance to build a relationship with your new subscriber over the course of several emails.

Be Sure to Capture Customer Email Addresses

If your PPC ad drives them to a sales page, be sure to collect their email address and put them on a customer list for that product. In this way, you can then send more personalized emails to them, instead of emails related to a product they have already purchased.

Capture Their Email When They Are Exiting

You can set up an email capture form that will appear when a person is exiting your site, to also try to put them on your list and get to know them better.

Testing through PPC

We website owners all love free traffic, but sometimes it can take weeks or even months to drive enough traffic to a page to see how well it is converting. Similarly, split testing offers can take a while unless you have enough traffic to give you statistically significant results as to which offer is the winner.

PPC does cost money, but it can also give you your answer in a matter of minutes, or hours, as you watch your prospects either sign up for your email offer, or click away without bothering.

If you have any doubts about an email (or paid product) offer, testing via PPC can save you a lot of time and boost your conversions right out of the starting gate.

How to Leverage Paid Search Ads to Grow Your Email List
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