The sound on your podcast is very important because if you don’t have good sound, no one is going to listen. People are easily distracted by strange background noise. While you don’t need a real studio, there are some ways to ensure that you get good sound.

Use a Quiet Room

Set up a room in your home where you know it’s quiet and ambient sounds don’t travel. Alternatively, ensure that no one is home when you record your podcast. It can also help if the room isn’t too small or too big.

Microphone Placement

Try out different places to put the mic before you record your show. How good you sound will depend on a lot of factors, including how loud you talk, the tone of your voice, and the distance of your face from the mic.

Try Standing Up

Some people sound more energic and professional if they stand while they’re speaking for their podcast recording. When you stand, you can move around a little as well, which will sound more natural.

Put a Mirror in Your View

We’re used to talking to people and when making a podcast, especially without a guest, it can feel as if you’re talking into a void. But, when you look at yourself in a mirror it will automatically help you temper your voice to sound more engaged and interesting.

Modulate Your Voice

Try not to talk too loudly during your podcast. It can be tempting to talk loudly and fast. Instead, practice modulating your voice so that you are simply talking as if everyone is in the room with you.

Record in High Resolution

You don’t really need to record in higher than 24 bit, but the higher quality your recording, the higher quality it will be when you edit it. A higher quality recording will sound better to other people too.

Record Guests in Advance

Since you can’t control sound very well for most guests unless they are hardwired to their internet and have a recording studio as well, it’s best to record your guests, edit it, and then upload it during your live show. It’ll sound better.

Know Your Stuff

One thing that can affect the sound quality of your show is the hesitation in your voice and nervousness during dead air. You must understand that silence is okay. You don’t have to drone on and on without allowing any silence. Silence is good and gives your guests’ ears a little break.

Edit Where You Can

You can’t edit the live portions of your show, but get a professional intro and outro. Your introduction to your show should be the same each time as this will brand your show for your guests.

Test Everything

Before recording your first show, be sure to test your set-up and understanding of the controls of the software you use to record your podcast. The more you practice, the better your shows will be.

Professional production of your podcast can be done from your home. You just need to spend some time setting it up and remember to test and adjust until you have the sound quality you are after.

How to Improve the Sound Quality of Your Podcast Recording
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