The old saying that “birds of a feather flock together” is very true. When you have one customer, they probably have many friends who would love the products that you create and sell. The trick is getting them to share their secret with others so that you can grow your list.

How to Get Your Customers to Help You Grow Your ListMake Your Emails Sharable

Most autoresponders can allow and encourage your audience to share your email messages with others. They can share them via email or to social media using the share buttons. Adding this will enable others to find out about your email list. Ensure that if you’re going to do this, there is directions at the end of each message instructing your audience to share but also explaining how to sign up for your list if they like what they’re reading.

Ask Them to Share

At the bottom of each email message, ask your audience to share the content with their friends. A lot of people read messages but they never think of sharing unless you bring it up. Tell them to share it and point to how to do it.

Incentivize Customers to Share

Another thing you can do is give them incentives to share, such as coupons for themselves and their friend. “Give this coupon to your friend to use and use this coupon for yourself too.”

Ask for Customer Reviews

Putting customer reviews and testimonials on your website and landing pages can make all the difference. Plus, you can create memes from them so that you can share on social media too.

Cross-Promote on Social Media

Using the idea from above, capture your customers’ testimonials and recommendations and make social media graphics out of it to share, along with a link back to a squeeze page that is focused on signing up for your list.

Offer Buy One Get Two Moments

If you’re having an event, having a sale for a buy-one-get-one offer is a great way to get people to invite their friends. They’ll want to tell others about the sale so that they can save money too.

Have Contests for Customers

When you already have customers, you’re in great shape. You can offer them incentives to promote for you with a contest. A great example is a video contest. Ask your customers to make a short video about why they love your product or service. They can share it on Facebook or on YouTube and the most likes wins. That means they’ll have to share it to get lots of likes.

Run a Facebook Ad Using Lookalike Audiences

Facebook allows you to upload email addresses from your customer list. Upload them, then create an amazing advertisement that is shared with what Facebook calls a lookalike audience. The algorithm will match the people on your email list with people who aren’t and who are most like the audience you already have.

Using your customers to help you expand and grow your list is a great way to quickly build your list, leveraging who they know. You can do it directly by asking them, but you can also do it indirectly by using technology such as Facebook lookalike audiences.

How to Get Your Customers to Help You Grow Your List
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