Press releases are a pretty inexpensive way to get the word out about your business and build your brand and authority, buy you can make each release stretch much further if you have a plan that incorporates areas outside of your random distribution list. As with all forms of content marketing it’s easier and cheaper to get people to find you than for you to find them, so figure out exactly who you want to see it, target the words towards your audience and make it easy for the press to find you. Then, ensure your press release includes the thought behind it, here is how to add value to your releases.

Add Important Links

Having a press release published online is obviously much better for you if it includes a link to your website and other important links, most websites nowadays make these “no follow” links which means that search engines robots won’t move from the press release website to your own. This however doesn’t stop real people from reading your press release and clicking the link to visit your website, so include all important links as a matter of course.

Craft Compelling Headlines

I’ve written whole articles on writing headlines, other people have written entire books. What you should aim to do with your headline is evoke curiosity from the reader by answering a question that has been puzzling for the audience.

Repost your Press Release on Your Website

A press release is perfect content for your content marketing so add it to your own website, in full first and then send it on to your connections to gain publicity.

Build Relationships

Everything to do with content marketing is done with the aim of building relationships with your audience, a press release is no different if you respect what your audience wants to know and how the journalists wants to learn it, you are on a winner.

Get More  Value from your Press Release

Time It Right

Depending on your niche, you’ll want to send the press release at the right time to get the maximum results, this might take some research but the payoff is tremendous.

Send to the Right People

This might seem obvious, but know who you are sending your press releases to. Don’t just blanker as many press rooms as you can, instead target as best you can exactly who gets the press release and if at all possible tailor the content of each press release to the person you are sending it to, this might make extra work for you but who knows the payoff could be the difference between having it published or having it published multiple times.

Include a Photograph

A pictures says a thousand words and by including a photograph of yourself, or the product in question, you’ll be more likely to get the release read.

Include a Video

Have you produced a video that explains your product or do you have some audio that the press can use? The awesome thing about digital press releases is that they can include videos or links to videos, providing more information for the press and giving you a better chance of having your release picked up.

Include Keywords

This might sound obvious but using keywords is important in headlines, subtitles and bullet points. Be very careful about creating keyword links because you don’t want the press release to be stuffed and seem fake, but you do want to use keywords strategically so that the search engines pick them up and remember people often read by scanning so keywords can help engagement too.

Tell a Story

The words inside your press release matter; the actual story must be news worthy and important and compelling enough to get readers to not only read but to act on what they read and that isn’t always easy, so spend some time ensuring your message gets across to your audience and incorporates a strong call to action.

Share and Ask for Shares

When you distribute a press release, share it with everyone and ask them to share it too, it’s amazing how many connections the people you know have, especially on social media. So don’t just rely on the press connections or the PR firm you use to get your message out.

Press releases are good for SEO, building relationships, building authority and more. They are also good for announcing new products, events and grand openings, but, you have to get in the practice of writing them and distributing them properly if they are to work for you.

Get More  Value from your Press Release
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