Over the years I’ve reviewed and written about thousands of products and if you have a product you would like reviewed, you need to understand that the only real legitimate and business wise way to get a product reviewed is for someone to actually use the product and for them to write a review on their own based on their own experience of your product without receiving any compensation whatsoever. How you can get people to do this varies, especially top influencers, but here are some ideas to consider.

Give Away Your Product

You can give your product to people who will review it. Look to YouTube stars that work in your niche and offer to send them your product free of charge for a legit and honest review. Then, do it immediately, and hope that the review is a good one. Even reviews that aren’t written directly on Amazon are still good reviews to have and make excellent blog posts, which you can point to when anyone has a question about your product. This method works best when you’re the owner and manufacturer of the product you’re selling.

Ask for a Review

When someone buys your items, the Amazon system will ask for a review after a period of time. Only a very, very small percentage will actually do this, but the trick is that the more items you sell, the more reviews that will naturally generate and the more sales that will happen. It’s a little bit of a catch-22 but it will happen eventually. You can also ask for reviews on your website, blog, and social media when you link to the item for sale.

Use Special Tools

You can also use tools like Feedback Genius or Viral Launch. But, be careful. According to Amazon’s terms of service, you can only contact buyers to complete orders or respond to customer service issues. However, you can always include a “P.S. Don’t forget to drop by and give us a review.” Don’t ever ask for “positive” reviews, you must always be clear that you’re asking for honest and unfiltered reviews.

Feedback Genius – http://www.feedbackgenius.com/
Viral Launch – https://viral-launch.com/

Never Pay for a Review

Again according to Amazon terms of service you cannot solicit reviews for pay, not that you should want to anyway. All reviews must be legitimate reviews based on actual use of the product and based solely on the reviewers’ experience. But, you can encourage reviews. As mentioned above, you can give your product away to a few people to do the reviews for you, try not to make these friends and family as that can come back and bite you. There are groups on Facebook devoted to just this, based on different categories. However be warned and decide for yourself whether that is against the Amazon’s terms of service as it’s up for interpretation.

Let Them Come in Slowly

Don’t be seen to be in a hurry to get too many reviews. If you get too many reviews at once, that is a red flag for Amazon and some of the reviews will be flagged and investigated, even if they are all legitimate. This can cause problems with your account and simply is not worth it, if you’re using coupons or freebies as a way to get reviews, roll this out slowly over time.

Stock Enough Units

Getting reviews is a numbers game, and you’ve got to stock enough units and sell enough units for this to happen more naturally. If you’ve only got 10 units for sale, you can’t expect to rack up 100 reviews, right? If you want 100 reviews, you probably need to sell 1000 or more units for it to look legitimate and not be flagged by Amazon.

Working on getting legitimate reviews is a good way to help increase your sales, be it on your Amazon store or even your website, but the best way to go about it is to do it, legitimately at a slow and steady pace. Amazon has sued people for providing false reviews and you don’t want to be caught up in that situation as large companies have a habit of getting their own way.

How to Get Initial Product Reviews
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