Micro-influencers can be very effective in helping you build your business brand. An influencer with a smaller audience of 500 to 5000 usually has a more personal relationship and therefore a lot better engagement than a larger influencer. That engagement is going to help make a huge difference, because engagement is what persuades people to buy something, do something, or say something based on what they believe to be true from the people they’re following. Smaller influencers typically come off as more authentic than the bigger stars do, but how do you find relevant micro-influencers?

Set the Criteria

First, they need to be relevant to your niche. Also, they must have a following of between 500 and 5000 (you can go a little over that), and their followers must be like your own followers. If they can provide a demographic breakdown of their audience, that can help you decide if they are a match. Finally, they must show that they are engaging with their audience on a regular basis. Engagement is key.

Search Your Followers

You may have some highly influential followers already. Look through them and find your most active followers. What are they doing? Are they using a social platform in a way that could enable you to work with them on a bigger level?

Search on Social Platforms

A great way to look is to simply go to the social platform you want to use and search for your niche. Watch their channels to find out how they interact. Search the people you find on Google to find out what comes up so you can learn more about the various influencers you discover.

Use an App

An app like BuzzSumo.com can help you find influencers within your niche with a simple searching feature. It gives you a lot of individual information, such as engagement on various social platforms, shares, and more. This can help you find the person who is most influential regarding your niche, and then you can narrow down from there to find a micro-influencer that will work with you.

Invite Influencers

Use your website to invite influencers to apply to work with you. You might be surprised that there is a YouTuber out there who already uses and loves your products but has a smaller following. They’d be thrilled to get something for recommending you, especially if they already do recommend you.

Research Hashtags

Even if a micro-influencer has never mentioned your product, look for more general hashtags that your product could fall into. For example, if you sell fitness products, you can simply look up #fitness to see what comes up. You can drill down using different keywords to find the right influencers.

Google Alerts

A great way to find influencers is Google Alerts. You can set up an alert about anything you want to. You can use keywords that can help you find influencers talking about a niche topic that fits your brand. If you’re selling lipstick, set up a Google Alert on “Lipstick application” or “How to make your lips look bigger with makeup” or something similar. That way you’ll find micro-influencers that you can work with.

These methods will help you find influencers who are ready and willing to work with you, so that they can build their own brand and help you build yours. Remember to compensate them fairly, check your metrics, then tweak the information you provide so that you can improve results with every influencer you work with.

How to Find Relevant Micro Influencers
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