The whole idea of lookalike audiences started with Facebook, it’s actually a tool that you can use on Facebook to find audiences that look like the audiences you already have, usually derived from your target audience persona upload. Facebook checks the list and then finds audiences that might look just like the custom ones you uploaded by comparing their profiles to your uploaded audience. This is a really awesome feature because it will help you find likely prospects to buy your goods and services easily.

If they are so useful, you might ask yourself if you find lookalike audiences outside of Facebook? Absolutely is the answer, the entire point of a lookalike audience is that they are just more people that are likely in your audience but that you’ve not connected with yet. You can do that in a number of ways, though probably not as strategically as you can with all the data available to you, whilst using Facebook.

Your Competition

If you have identified the people and business owners who are your main competition, you can be assured that their audience is very similar to yours and may indeed cross-overs with your own.

Your Indirect Competition

These are people who market to your audience but who do not really compete with you directly, due to the differences in their product or service. You need to identify similar businesses, that have audiences that share very similar if not identical demographics to your own.

Tailored Audiences on Twitter

Twitter has a feature that is a lot like the lookalike audiences feature on Facebook. It’s called “tailored audiences”. The trick with Twitter is that you must have an audience list of at least five hundred people that match Twitter user information for it to actually work. With Facebook you only need one hundred matches.

Joint Ventures

If you know people who market to your type of audience, form a joint venture with them such as hosting a webinar together or producing an eBook which generally means you writing the eBook, including their branding and then getting them to share it with their audience. This will bring both audiences together. There will be some cross-over, but those who haven’t found you (and those of yours who haven’t found them) will now have the opportunity to become your audience.

Interview Movers and Shakers

If there are movers and shakers who market to similar audiences that you do, why not interview them. They’ll share the interview with their audience, which will bring them to your online real-estate. This will cause them to find out what you do, and it will interest them since they are essentially the same demographic as your audience.

AdSense Display Ad Network

This has a feature that allows you to reach similar audiences to your audience. The way it works is that it looks at browsing activity on the display network over a period of 30 days. Then it uses that information to deliver display ads on the networks where they believe a similar algorithm is used.

Lookalike Ads on Amazon

You can run a very targeted ad campaign for any type of products that you are selling on Amazon. If you have a book or other products, you can use all their features to locate audiences that are likely to buy your products.


Of course, Facebook came up with the idea of the lookalike audience. You’ll need a list of 100 customers to upload to Facebook. They’ll match the email address you have with the email used for Facebook. Then their system will use the information they have to match the characteristics of your list with potential audience members to deliver the ad for you.

Finding lookalike audiences can help you increase sales, create more targeted advertising, and help you simply find more people who fit your target audience personas.

How to Find Lookalike Audiences
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