Once you have affiliates, it’s a good idea to consider hiring an affiliate manager to help you educate, encourage, and motivate them to higher sales. Sometimes they simply approve affiliates, answer support questions, and track sales and conversions.

Often an affiliate manager will provide marketing materials (including suggestions on how to use them) and contest information for the affiliates, along with ensuring that affiliates act with the utmost integrity. An awesome affiliate manager will add recruiting super affiliates to their goals.

Evaluate Your Needs

What do you want your affiliate manager to do? At the very least they need to approve affiliates, support those affiliates, and track sales and conversions. But, a great affiliate manager can do more, including acting as a cheerleader for affiliates to help them work harder and sell more by ensuring that they have great tools, exciting prizes, and personal assistance.

Understand What Makes a Great Affiliate Manager

A great affiliate manager is good with the technology you’ve chosen to use to manage your affiliate program, understands your product funnel thoroughly (and may even take part in assisting with the set-up of all of this), and is a good motivator. They have experience being an affiliate, so they know what affiliates want and need in the program to help them make more sales.

Determine the Pay

There are different ways to pay affiliates. If you’re a big name and make a lot of money already, you will likely be able to pay them a percentage of all affiliate sales, plus allow them to sell as an affiliate too. Or you can pay them a salary as an employee. But normally payment includes a salary, benefits, and performance-based bonuses. If you’re open, you can negotiate this with your choice.

Create a Job Description

Once you know what you want the affiliate manager to be responsible for doing for your business and affiliate program, write the job description. It is a good idea to also allow your affiliate manager to have use of your team such as graphic designers, a virtual assistant, and others so that they can focus on the bigger issues related to affiliate managing.

Post Your Position

Once you know what you want, post your position. You can post it in a variety of places, including the normal job sites like Indeed.com, and Monster.com, but you can also post ads where affiliates hang out in groups, on forums, and on your website. Then share it with everyone you know, including your affiliates.

Approach Your Affiliates

You don’t want to turn your very top affiliate into an affiliate manager. But, if you have a dedicated affiliate that has stood out to you as someone who is ambitious, organized, helpful and understands the technology you’re using, as well as what it takes to be an affiliate manager, they might be perfect.

Finding a responsible, competent, and conscientious affiliate manager will ensure that your affiliates are more engaged and work harder to make more money. The reason is that they have someone to go to when there is a problem with technology, or they need a specific graphic, or they want to arrange a webinar or interview with you or the affiliate manager and their audience.

How to Find a Great Affiliate Manager
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