A great way to earn passive income is with a membership site. A membership site is a website that charges a fee to the members for exclusive information and content. There are many ways to take advantage of this type of continuity program to increase your income and make more of it passive.

Select Your Technology

Today there is a lot of different technology that you can choose to run your membership site. You can use AMember.com, WishList, many different shopping cart options as well as cloud-based technology like Teachable.com to run your membership. It’s up to you which you choose, but you’ll need to choose which features are most important to you and work within your budget to decide which is best.

Link to WishList – https://member.wishlistproducts.com/

Pick Your Niche Topic

What niche do you think you can regularly create new content for over time? Some membership sites are forever, which means that you need to supply new content every single month (or as often as you promise to) and some are short term, for example for a year – after a year there may not be new content coming in anymore and they’re done paying after a year too. The point is to ensure that you can come up with enough content to cover your promises and thrill your audience.

Choose Your Audience

For example, let’s say you have chosen the niche topic of “Living Your Best Life” and you want to include content about that type of thing. But who are you creating it for? It can’t be for everyone. It has to be a smaller audience that needs that information. For example, maybe you’re going to teach baby boomers how to live their best 25 years of life after retirement? Understanding who will join, and whether there is a big enough audience for you to earn what you want to earn from the membership, will make a big difference.

Build a Community

Start doing it free. Yes, this is not very passive yet but eventually, once you set everything up, get all the content created (and you can use private label content to get it done fast), and everything set up, you can start marketing with just one month of content created while you do the rest as you go. But, if you build a community first and offer them a lot of value, they’ll be clamoring to join the membership once it’s live. Use social media like Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms to build a vibrant community by providing value to them.

Start Marketing Early

Even before you have the information above ready, you can start marketing. A great way to market memberships is to conduct webinars about the types of topics you’re going to cover in the membership site. Get your audience excited about what you’re going to offer them. You can do live webinars but you can also do recorded on-demand webinars that run “as live.” This will get people into your marketing funnel since they have to register for the webinar.

Recruit Affiliates

A great way to market your membership site in a more passive way is to build an army of affiliates. The best place to get affiliates are from satisfied members. If you give them recurring income for each new member, you’re more likely to get them to work harder to promote your membership. Create marketing materials for them, and encourage them by teaching them how to represent your group and get others to join.

While this may not seem all that passive yet, once you create the content you’re going to be able to easily market and sell that content repeatedly via the membership – as long as the content is still relevant. If you choose a technological membership, you may need to update the content more often. However, if you choose an evergreen topic (like “money mindset” for example), all you’ll need to do once the product is created is set up your marketing funnels and watch the monthly cash roll in.

How to Earn Passive Income with a Membership Site
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