Audience personas are extremely important from a marketing perspective; in fact, everything begins by understand who exactly your audience is. They can help you gain insight from your audience on matters of segmentations, where to focus your time, which products to develop, how to write your copy, marketing messages and more. It’s probably one of the most important marketing tactics that you can do if you really want to be successful with your audience, if you want to save money and boast all your marketing success rates. To develop an audience persona, follow these steps.

Know Your Competition

There is someone who sells something like you do to the same audience who is successful. Get to know all you can about them and their audience because it’ll help you understand your audience even better. Sign up for their newsletters, go to their Facebook groups, and interact with their customers, learn all you can.

Conduct a SWOT Analysis

Your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats don’t just exist within you; they also exist outside of you and aren’t always under your control. However, if you can analyze the situation you might be able to figure out how to lessen the impact or even prevent it to start with. They also give you insights into where you should focus efforts and if you carry out a SWOT Analysis on a competitor it can give you insights into how you can better compete against them.

Look at User Data on Google Analytics

It’s imperative to install Google Analytics in your website. If you’re not sure how to do it read this article.  With Google Analytics you’ll learn everything you can about your audience and those who are clicking, reading and interacting. The information can be used to improve your customer relations as well as your marketing materials

Interview Your Current Customers

If you already have customers it’s a good idea to get to know them because if a person bought something from you, then a persona modeled after the satisfied and happy buyer can end up making helping you sell lots more. You can interview them via email, in person or over the telephone.

Conduct a Survey

If you have no audience yet but you know who you want to be your audience, you can use Facebook ads to circulate a survey to help you create your audience personas in such a way that it’s an accurate depiction of your ideal customer.

Answer These Questions

It’s important to make up the answers to these questions based on the research you’ve conducted up to this point. You can go very far with your persona to include hair color, sex, and more. It’s up to you how much you want to include so that you can get a picture of one of your potential customers that is very clear.

  • Name – What’s their name?
  • Age – How old are they?
  • Employment – What is their job title?
  • Income – How much do they make and more importantly, how much disposable income do they have?
  • Family – What is their status?
  • Values – What do they care most about?
  • Fears – What keeps them up at night?
  • Acting emotions – Some people act on fear; others act on having their heart strings pulled.
  • Who do they trust? – They read, listen to, and follow someone that makes them feel good.

In fact, that’s only the start of it, if you really want to push through and know who your audience is, seek answers to these additional questions.

Problems: What are three or more problems or issues that your best customer dedicates time, budget and energy to solving?

What does success look like: What does success look like in the clients’ eyes, this could be revenue growth, or personal development such as a promotion?

Road Blocks:  What could prompt your best customer to question whether you can help them achieve their success goals? This is where you begin to uncover the hidden objections such as office politics, prior experience with a company likes your, a lack of trust, etc.

Purchasing Cycle: What process does your best customer follow in exploring, evaluating and selecting a solution that can overcome their perceived road blocks and achieve their success goals?

Decision Making: What will your best customer think about the products offered by your competitors? What aspects will they like, find useful, decide are better than yours, worse than your own. If you really push the boat out you should aim to find this information out from those that purchase from a competitor and those that decide that no solution is right for them.

Remember different products and even the same products can have different audience personas. Once you’ve developed your audiences personas you can use these to develop all your marketing materials as well as your products and services.

How to Develop an Audience Persona
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