As a small business owner you understand the importance of marketing and the impact it has on your business. The more you study and learn about marketing, the better you’re going to become at it, provided of course you know how to take what you learn and turn it into a system you can use. Every time you do something such as AB Split testing, conversion rate optimization you will become better if you know how to evaluate success, here’ a few ideas on how to create a more efficient marketing system for your small business.

To Create An Efficient Marketing System You Must Understand Your Audience

Everything to do with marketing begins with understanding your audience, you need to know who they are, what they do, what their problems are, how your products and services solves these problems, in fact you need to know as much as possible about them. You should never think you know your audience enough, as time moves forward your audience changes and becomes more educated, just consider how everyone understands the Internet and mobile phones nowadays and then look back thirty years … just as your audience learns and evolves so you should continue to study them and keep getting to know them.

Create A More Efficient Marketing SystemKnow Your Products and Services Inside Out

You can’t hope to explain your products and services if you don’t understand everything there is to know about them. When someone asks you questions about your product or service you should be ready for an answer that fits the person asking. In this way you can encourage trust in your knowledge and establish your expertize.

When starting out it is a great idea to write down as long a list of questions about your products and services as you can, then write down the answer to each of these questions. By doing this you will learn lots about your products and services and the funny thing is, your audience will sub-consciously know about your expertize and you’ll actually get asked less questions rather than more.

Create Quality Products and Services

When you know your audience, and your products and services, you’ll be able to create even more awesome products and services that work together. Plus, you’ll be able to create products you’re proud of and will be willing to yell from the rafters about. The better quality your products and services, the more easily they will be to market to your audience.

Automate Strategically

Use technology to automate and make easier the things you do on a regular basis, such as auto-responders, newsletter production and delivery, invoicing, billing, shipping, product delivery and so forth. Anything that can be automated for easier delivery and service should be done. Today technology exists for everything you can imagine, keep abreast of what’s new so you can implement automation that helps your business grow and prosper.

Systemize Your Marketing Processes

When you find something that works well, add it to your system. That way, you know in advance what to do for any product launch before you’re even done creating the product. If you have a system that works, keep working it for the best results. Don’t reinvent the wheel each time, just test measure and use what works.

Plan in Advance

You’ve heard it before, but here it is again: “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” Enough said about that. Create a plan and follow the plan, but realize that you can adapt and change plans as you move forward with your marketing efforts or learn new methods or technology, in other words a plan should not be rigid but should be flexible and adaptive to suit what works and what doesn’t as well as your audiences changing needs.

Outsource to Leverage Other People’s Talents

The best way to make your marketing efforts more efficient is to let other people do the things for which you’re not trained or as talented in. If you stick to the things you are really good at and let others stick to theirs, you can make your time and money go much further and create a more effective and efficient marketing system.

Test and Evaluate

Nothing is finished until you’ve run the numbers, business is about people but it’s also about numbers. In marketing, the results are what count. If you run the numbers you can throw out what doesn’t work, and do more of what does work. That’s the best way to become more efficient.

Creating an efficient marketing system isn’t about controlling the budget really tight; it’s about finding the best way to market your products or services, which creates the largest return on investment while also creating the most satisfied customers. A satisfied customer will save you the most time and money in the long run and will help bring in many new customers to boot.

Create A More Efficient Marketing System
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