When you create content for your audience, it’s a little different than when you seek to create content that will attract potential influencers. Now you need to create content targeted toward influencers without it being obvious or a put-off to your regular audience.

Identify the Influencers You Want to Attract

The first thing you want to do is conduct research to find the exact influencers that you want to attract. Make a spreadsheet listing their name, all social media accounts, and set up Google Alerts so that you don’t miss out on what they’re talking about. Get to know the influencers that you are targeting and craft the content you create with them in mind.

Connect with the Influencers

When you identify them, go ahead and connect with them on social media. Make them your favorites where possible so that you can get notified when they post something new. That way you can comment, like it, share it and note it. When you understand the type of content they post and share, you’ll be able to produce content that the influencer likes – which will attract them more.

Provide a Stellar User Experience

When an influencer becomes interested in you, they will also research you. They’ll go to your social media, to your blog, to your website, and observe the type of user experience you’re providing your audience before they share you with theirs. Therefore, it’s important to look at your online real-estate and the type of content you’re currently putting out there through their eyes.

Give the Best Customer Service

While the influencers may not buy your items, they could. They may choose to check out your customer service. Therefore, you should always provide top-notch customer care so that influencers will not be worried about sending their audience your way because you’ll take good care of them. Plus, when you’re closer to your customers, you will automatically be able to create better content.

Create Amazing Content

While you should always seek to create amazing content, now that you’re going to get involved with influencer marketing the stakes are higher. Seek to improve your content many times over by updating old content, add newer imagery, repurpose your content into new formats, and seek to do better than your competition.

Name Drop

When you create content, consider whether you can mention and tag influencers that you know. Tagging influencers can be quite bold if you don’t know them and haven’t tried to establish a relationship with them first. But, if you believe the content you’re sharing is going to be interesting to them, then do it. A good way to do this without appearing too obvious is to use content the influencer created and a quote from them to start off with.

Use Paid Ads

One way to use paid ads is to target the influencers that you have the information on. You can upload their email addresses so that your ads target them directly and they won’t miss your products, services, and content that you are sharing. For example, on Twitter, you can develop a list of the influencers that you want to target.

Ask the Influencers

Once you’re positive you’ve done what you can to connect with the influencers you want to attract, you can also just come right out and ask them if they like your content, products, or services and what it would take for them to share and link to you. Ask them how they feel about your content and how you can improve.

Creating content that attracts influencers is a great way to get them to share your work without always having to pay them. You can end up being interviewed on television, written up in magazines, and more if you plan the marketing to the influencers correctly.

How to Create Content That Attracts Influencers
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