Online marketing is much more sophisticated than when I started, nowadays your target audience have much higher expectations as to what they will get in any new special online promotion. Therefore, it is important to not just think of selling products, but also of offering an entire promotional package.

There are several elements in an effective promotional package which you need to take the time and effort to create if you wish to boost your sales.

The Main Offer

The main product should be something in high demand in relation to your niche. If you have done enough research about your niche or topic, you should know exactly what your target audience’s pain points are – that is, the problem that they have related to your niche that they need real solutions for.

The Features and Benefits

Your promotional material should make it clear what features and benefits they will get when they buy your main product. What’s in it for them? How much better will their life be if they buy your product?

However, it is important to remember there are a lot of other products out there claiming to offer a solution to the same pain point. This being the case, your other items within the package can make all the difference between a sale or not.

The Bonuses

How to Create an Effective Promotional Package Offer Your Customers Can’t RefuseThe bonuses that you offer, therefore, can be make or break when it comes to closing the sale. So, what makes a good bonus?

First, the item should be related to the main product, and make your target audience’s life even easier than just the main product alone. Good examples of bonuses to offer include:

  • Checklists
  • Tip sheets
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
  • A quick start guide
  • A mind map
  • Templates
  • Worksheets
  • Inspirational posters or memes
  • Swipe files; that is, information they can copy and paste to use in their own business

And anything else you think is helpful in the context of your main product.

They should all be attractively presented, with a nice cover or a border around the page, good graphics, and/or a nice layout or design.

Offer at least two or three bonuses to sweeten the deal.

Not sure what to include? Check out what your competitors are doing, that’s the beautiful thing about the Internet you can always check on what your competitors are doing. All you have to do them, is go one better.

Other Important Elements

Your promotional package should also include a 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked. This will stop any bad feeling or wrangling over whether or not somebody “deserves” a refund.

Raising the Bar

If you have the time and skill, consider offering audio and/or video related to your package. For example, a lot of people love MP3s rather than ebooks so they can listen to them in the car.

Video is booming in popularity, and about 70% of people are visual learners, so video tutorials or presentations might be just the thing that can sway your audience to turn them from browser into buyers.

Hire a freelancer to make a whiteboard or cartoon video, or transform your PowerPoint decks into Videos, it’s not that hard to do and will more than pay you back for the effort.

No matter what you are offering, create a great promotional package and you should have no trouble selling your items to your target audience.

How to Create an Effective Promotional Package Offer Your Customers Can’t Refuse
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