There are several types of digital products you can create super-fast. The trick to creating products quickly is to stop trying to be a perfectionist. Not only that, you don’t even have to create them all by yourself. You can use private label rights (PLR) as the entire product, or for different components in your product.

Choose Your Niche

It’s important to choose a niche and ensure that the niche is profitable before getting started. Some popular niches are making money from home, losing weight, cookbooks, getting organized, and so forth. Look through forums and Facebook groups and you’ll be sure to find a niche that you will enjoy creating a product for.


We mentioned that you don’t even have to create the content yourself for your digital product. If you purchase PLR, you can simply use that for your digital product (depending on the license), which will make creating it even faster. All you need to do is update it, add your own voice, refresh the images, and compile it, and you’re done.

Use Content You Already Have

If you’ve already created a lot of content on your website or blog, you can repurpose it and combine it into a digital product. Just update it, add in good transitions, and make it look attractive, and you already have a product. There are also plugins for WordPress blogs that will combine your blog posts for you and create a PDF out of them.

Upgrade It with Audio and Video

A great way to make your digital product better is to add video or audio to the files. But, you can also use video and audio to make an entirely digital product. Even a webinar conducted live can later be edited and turned into a digital product. It takes about an hour to do the webinar, then a few more hours to edit it, transcribe it, add notes, and finally images. Within 48 hours you’ll have a product.

Add Some Great Graphics

Don’t forget to add some graphics to your digital products to make them look amazing. But, you can also use graphics as the entire digital product that you’re selling. For example, you can compile 30 graphics with quotes relevant to a niche or a challenge, and sell that just like it is.

Compile It into a Digital File

Once you’ve created the product, you need to get it into an easy to deliver format. That may be a PDF but it might also be a combination of PDF and zipped files that you will deliver to them. You can also host them on your site within a membership area for them to use that way.

Promote It

As soon as you get the new product into your system to sell, start promoting it. Don’t delay. You can likely be making money within another 48 hours too if you already have an audience for the product that you’ve created.

Creating a digital product within 48 hours really is that easy. It’s even easier to earn from the product if you already have an audience in place. But even if you don’t, you can still create and sell a digital product fast.

How to Create a Digital Product in 48 Hours
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