You have no doubt heard about YouTube’s popularity and have heard rumours about the earning power of some of their top performers shows and how important building a community is to their success. When you build a community you can quickly get results from any new product or service as soon as you launch it, because the community is already primed and ready to respond. For that to happen, though, you’re going to have to work hard to build that community in the first place, one video at a time.

Speak Directly to Your Audience

When you make a video for your audience, it’s a great idea to look right into the camera and talk directly to them as if they were standing right in front of you. You probably have a picture in your head of who your ideal audience is, if that is the case, picture that person, look into the camera and just speak from the heart and let your passion and enthusiasm show.

Show Your Softer Side

Don’t be too stiff and formal in your videos, try and be yourself. Even if you’re trying to attract lawyers and accountants, they want to see and get to know real people. Attempt to be relaxed which at the start is hard, but practice does makes perfect. After you’ve created five or six videos you’ll find it as easy as talking on the telephone.

Mistakes Are Endearing

Don’t worry so much about tripping over one or two words; it’s okay, people expect this. Normal mistakes made in the course of a conversation are nothing to correct or be ashamed of in fact they can help engage your audience as being too perfect will make you seem cold and unapproachable and no one wants that.

Get to the Point

Don’t take too long to make a video, the ideal length is around three to five minutes long, anything else is getting to long. There are a few exceptions to this rule, but break up longer videos if you can to make lots of smaller ones. Create a loose script if it helps you stay on track and on time.

Set It All to Music

Put some light music in the background that signifies the mood you want your audience to feel as they listen to your video. Be sure to make it quiet and not too loud; you don’t want to hide what you’re saying and distract from your message and of course make sure you aren’t breaking any music copyright laws.

Let Your Humorous Side Out

Even if you talk about serious topics in your videos, being a little funny can lighten things up and take the sting out. Being funny can also make videos go viral, so be ready and go with it when the chance presents itself.

Share Secrets

It’s just you and your niche audience, right? It’s okay to share something deep with them during your video. You want them to feel as if they are part of your life, and one way to do this, is to be honest and transparent and share everything you know.

Make Some Content Exclusive

You can make some content exclusive to your audience by hiding it from others and only letting people who get the link see the video. You can also hide that content behind a membership wall. This type of content can bring your audience closer to you and also help you collect email addresses or increase members on a membership website.

Respond to Others

This works extremely well on YouTube. When someone makes a video that affects you in some way, make a response video and include it in a comment to their video. This can help you connect more with the entire community plus bring more people over to your community.

Building a community around video is entirely possible on any platform, not just on YouTube. But, YouTube is an excellent place to start creating and hosting videos. Start with an introductory video and then keep going, share on social media, ask others to share and get the ball rolling and before long if you work hard, you’ll have a community of your own.

How to Create a Community around Video
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