One of the best ways to generate more attention on the Internet is to write about a controversial topic. Controversy can encourage your audience to participate more, which can actually in some cases go viral, thus grabbing even more attention that you maybe can handle. It’s a fine line to walk when using controversial topics to get more attention on social media. But, there are ways to choose topics to make it work for your needs.

Know Your Audience

Every blog post starts with an understanding of your audience and if you don’t know your audience you shouldn’t be writing blog posts. This goes double when choosing to write about some controversial topic. You want to stimulate conversation and engagement rather than alienating your audience. Take the time to survey your audience about various topics you are thinking about writing about, to make sure you really understand them.

Ensure That the Topic Is within Your Niche

You can have a lot of lofty goals for your blog, but ultimately its aim is to attract attention in order to capture leads that will convert into sales. Your controversial blog posts should attract visitors within your niche. If the controversy surrounds something outside of your niche, there is no real point in doing the post as it won’t reverberate with your target audience.

Choose Your Position Based on Real Feelings

Don’t try to be clever and play both sides against the middle, you won’t create the controversy you are after, and the post will fall flat. Choose a topic in which you can clearly take the controversial side of the argument without question. The controversial side of an argument is always the one that fewer people choose. If you really believe in the opinion you are expressing and are invested in the topic, it will help you move forward with your blog post.

Back Yourself Up with Facts

Try to find a lot of statistics to help back up your opinion. As someone once said, “You always have a right to your own opinion, but you don’t have a right to your own facts.” Using facts to back up your stance will go far in making your post readable, understandable, and logical, while still keeping the controversy that will propel your blog post to go viral.

Be Willing to Change Your Mind

When presenting your argument, invite others to try to change your mind with facts. This is a great way to lessen the blow of your alternative opinion about a topic within your niche. If you’re not being one sided, but leaving some sides open for exploration in comments, you can keep the controversy going longer in the discussion portion of your blog post.

To recap, remember to keep the controversial topic within your niche, take the minority view (but only if you really believe it), back yourself up with facts and statistics, show examples and allow an open dialogue to ensue after your blog post. Be willing to change your mind once there is discussion based on sound reasoning and facts.

Choosing the Right Controversial Topic to Write About
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