Some of your audience is going to be super-busy and some of the people you want to work with are going to be busy people. If you really want to build online relationships with busy people – whether they’re your audience or someone you are hoping to work with, be aligned with, or joint venture with, you can do it with a simple idea: help.

Your Ideal Joint Venture Partner

When you find someone you want to JV with, it’s important to ensure that you can help them solve a problem while solving a problem for their audience, and vice versa. Then, create the idea before approaching them, and do as much of the work as you can so that it’s a no-brainer for them to join you. The amount of work you do should be in relation to the amount of buzz that being involved with them will create for you.

A Super Affiliate You Want to Promote Your Product

Getting your first super affiliate on board can seriously make or break your entire business. Once you get one super affiliate, you’ll get on the radar of other super affiliates and your business will snowball.

Make it easy for them to want to promote your product by sending them the product for review free. Then, offer to put everything into their system for them so all they do is approve it. Or, offer to send them files that their VA can cut and paste so they don’t have to do anything.

Offer to create marketing material just for them and give them a higher percentage of sales, even 80 percent to get them on board. You can create specially branded graphics, sales pages, and commission just for them.

A Coach You’d Love to Work With

If you know a coach that you’d like to work with, but you cannot really afford their full price, offer to intern with them. Send them a proposal of what you can do for them so that you can watch them do their thing. They may say no but they may also say yes. If you set it up for them and make it easy for them to say yes, and then stick to your promises, it’ll be a win-win offer.

Someone You Want to Speak at Your Event

Do you want to get a special speaker at your event, but you cannot afford to pay them? Work on building that relationship long before the event. Show how your audience is like their audience. Promote their products to your audience and become a top affiliate of theirs. When you set up the event, make it obvious that it will pay off in big ways for them when you put out your call for speakers. Keep that person in mind as you set up your request for speaker entries, and you’ll sure to get them to join in.

A Guru You’d Love to Interview

Do you have a podcast or live interview show, and you’d love to interview a hard-to-get guru on your show? If you’d like to do that, it can take some time to get on their radar before you ask. Then find a good way to ask – but do ask. You’d be surprised at how often someone you view as a guru doesn’t think of themselves that way. When you ask them to let you interview them, let them pick their own date and even the topic. That way they feel in control.

An Event Host You’d Love to Get Close To

Do you know someone who has summits or events that you’d love to get to know more but they seem untouchable? Join their lists, join their groups, be a valuable resource, create blog posts that attract them, promote their products, comment on their posts, and get in front of them with your content. They will notice you, and once they do you can keep working towards getting to know them more.

A Colleague You’d Love to Work on a Project With

Do you know someone you think has just the right skills to add to your skills, and who you’d like to joint venture with? If so, set the project up as much as you can, then send them an invitation to meet for lunch. Or if you live at a distance, use video chat so that you can discuss the opportunity that you want to work on them with. Do a lot of the work so that it’s easy to say yes to you.

Your Customer Who Has Five Kids

Sometimes connecting with people can seem impossible. You have customers who have families, and they’re busy, but you want to build a relationship with them that keeps them around for a long time. The way you do that is to deliver the content to them where they are when they can consume it, in the manner they need it, at a price they can afford.

The truth is, everyone is busy. Therefore, the way that you build online relationships with anyone is to get to know who they are, where they hang out, what they like to read, and what their problems are. Then, seek to be where they are, with whom they hang out with, add content to what they read, and help solve their problems. That’s really all there is to it.

How to Build Online Relationships with Busy People
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