You can build an effective sales funnel once you have a plan and content for that funnel. Plan out each step of the funnel as a sort of flow chart. Make sure you have content for each step.

Planning the Steps of Your Funnel

The most important part of funnel planning is to keep the number of steps to a minimum.

For a lead generation funnel, it will look like this:

  • Offer on page with a sign-up form
  • Confirmation page
  • Confirmation email
  • Welcome email

For a sales funnel, it will look like this:

  • Sales landing page with order button
  • Order form
  • Confirmation of order
  • Thank you email and confirmation of order

Once you have your plan in place, you can start building a basic funnel.

Your Lead Generation Funnel

Start with a reliable email marketing platform like AWeber. Begin by creating a new list. Give it a name to make it clear what the list will be all about. Give your business information as the owner of the list, as required by US law. Insert your name and address and a return email address into the boxes provided.

Once the list is set up, customize your confirmation email, which most services will already create for you in order to be compliant with US email marketing laws. Add your list name and URL of your site if you wish.

Create your sign-up form. Ask for their first name and email address. You can always get more information from them later. If you are a local business, you might wish to ask for their zip code as well.

Name the form, save it and choose how you would like it to be published. You can copy and paste HTML code they will provide to insert the sign-up box on your own web or blog page. Or you can have AWeber host the form for you. In this case, it will assign a URL. Copy it and use it to drive traffic to subscribe there.

Your final step is to create your welcome email in the follow-up section. It will be sent automatically as soon as they confirm that they wish to be on your list.

Your Sales Funnel

Your sales funnel will depend on the method of payment you accept. You can keep things simple and use PayPal. Create your sales landing page with details about the features and benefits of the product you are trying to sell and the price.

Log into your PayPal account and go to Tools. Create a button for that product, then copy and paste it onto your sales page. When they click on that button, a PayPal order form will appear.

Once they have completed the payment process, they will receive a confirmation of order in their PayPal account and in their email. When you create your button, you can include a URL for them to be sent to, such as a thank you email and confirmation of order page.

Oh and I tend to like to use Stripe as the payment gateway instead of PayPal… simply because it allows me to build funnels and accept payments without anyone having to leave my website …

Building a sales funnel is an easy way to get leads and sales. Master the art of creating sales funnels and watch your business grow.

How to Build an Effective Sales Funnel
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