Having a dedicated team that will help you stay focused on what you do best while your customers are cared for can help boost customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as increase repeat sales exponentially. But, first you must build the team.

Know What You Want

Understand what type of people you want to be on your team. While skill does matter, so does personality. Know what type of people you work best with. It might not seem like a big deal, but micro-managers don’t work well with a lot of people so you need to be able to access people who don’t cross certain boundaries.

Access What You Have

You may already have people that you can identify who may want to be on your team, or who are already on your team in a different role. When you know what you already have for resources, you can do better filling the gaps. For example, maybe you have a lot of comments on social media but no time to deal with them.

Know What Skills You Need on Your Team

Take a look at what you want, what you have and what you need. Make a list of the skills that you need on your team so that you can fill it out with diversity. Having a range of people to go to that have different skills automatically increases the value of your business.

Define and Name Each Role

A good way to start is to define and name each role, for example customer support, customer education and training, and customer engagement. These are three clearly defined roles that you may want to fill eventually.

List Responsibilities

When you define each role you’ll want to create a list of responsibilities for each one. You want everyone to work on their specialty and not on things they aren’t good at or skilled at, or don’t like doing.

Set Up Appropriate Tools

Your team will need tools to use in order to serve your audience. Let them know the boundaries and the goals, and give them the tools to do what you want them to do (such as a project management system or a customer relationship management system) so they can succeed.

Provide Expectations

When you have the responsibilities defined, the tools available, and everything else, the final piece of the puzzle is to tell each team member what you expect from them. That way they can focus on the end game and not just the process. For example, if your goal is customer retention, give your team permission to do what it takes to retain people.

When you build a customer success team you’ll improve customer retention, profits, and morale among everyone. You’ll improve your profits and what people say about your business if you create a team that puts customers first.

How to Build a Customer Success Team
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