There are a number of ways you can become a highly sought-after interviewee whom everyone in your niche wants to talk to. It can take time, but the results can be well worth it because of all the free traffic these media opportunities generate. That traffic can translate into brand recognition, subscribers, sales and profits. Here are a few action steps to take.

Master the Art of Public Speaking

Even if you cringe at the idea of being interviewed and having to speak to people, particularly in public, there are ways to position yourself as a respected figure in your niche or industry if you put in the effort. One is to train in public speaking. There is free and inexpensive online training. You can also become a member of Toastmasters and learn how to command the attention of audiences even as you overcome your fear of speaking in public.

Studies have shown that public speaking is most people’s number one fear. Dying came in at number three. As Seinfeld once joked, that means more people would rather be in the coffin than speaking over it. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Build Self-Confidence in Yourself and Your Message

Self-confidence can be learned by stretching yourself and giving yourself challenges – like speaking to others, both one-on-one in an interview and (especially) in front of a large audience. It also means being confident that you know what you are talking about. Mastering your niche-related material will make for a great interview without vague answers or long silences.


Help A Reporter Out is a service in which you can offer your skills to journalists who might need help from an expert when covering a particular story. The more you get interviewed and get media coverage, the more sought-after you will become. The site allows you to connect with more than 55,000 journalists, including ones from top media outlets like major TV networks and The New York Times. There is a free service, and affordable memberships as well.

Learn from the Best: TED

No, we are not talking about a stuffed animal, but the organization TED. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design. Their slogan is, “Ideas worth sharing.” TED sponsors talks that are designed to share new and interesting ideas. Many of the talks are available to watch online for free, and some of them are amongst the most popular videos on the internet. Model your topics and presentation styles on the best of the best, especially ones you see related to your niche.

Attend Conferences and Trade Shows

Attending an industry conference or trade show is a great way to get more exposure for yourself as an expert, and a person worth interviewing. You can even offer your services as a speaker for the educational events that often take place at these gatherings.

Getting a booth on the trade show floor also helps you meet the “movers and shakers” in your industry. Best of all, they get to meet you. If they see you are well-presented, personable, and someone who knows their stuff, you will seem like the perfect person to call on whenever they need to interview an expert.

How to Become a Highly Sought After Interviewee
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