It can be hard to stand out today in a strip mall. If your store looks like everyone else’s, you may not get customers unless they were already planning to walk into your store. But, you can get more prospects and buyers if you use storefront decorations to attract local customers.

Know Your Brand

Before you use any type of signage or displays, it’s very important that you know your brand and your audience so that you don’t offend anyone or misrepresent your brand with the decorations. That can be confusing to your audience.

Use Contrasting Colors

You want any signage you use to stand out. Therefore, use contrasting colors in comparison to the building that you’re trying to draw attention to. You don’t have to be gaudy, but there is a reason a car dealer adds all those balloons and the big giant dancing beast at their dealership: to get your attention.

Use Flags

Flags are great ways to get your store to stand out, because you can put so many types of flags up. From the flag of your country to flags representing a cause, to flags recommending a certain product or event happening… flags get attention; that’s why they exist.

Great Signage

There are numerous ways you can add signage to your storefront too. From an easel chalkboard to window clings, signage can also draw attention to sales and other specials going on in your store.

Attractive Awning

If you want to put up a permanent decoration for your storefront, you can do that too if it’s something your landlord allows. Awnings that are a slightly different color than your neighbors will make your store show up against the rest.

Window Displays

If you are fortunate enough to have frontage window space for your storefront, this is an opportunity that you should not waste – regardless of the type of retail store that you have. Even a service-based local business with window space can make that area look inviting and interesting for others to come in and buy something from them.

Outdoor Displays

If you’re permitted to use sidewalk space, put something out there on any given day when it’s nice enough outside. A great idea is to put a rack or two of your sale items outside, especially if they’re colorful. It’ll attract attention and make it look like you’re having a sale, which means more people in the door.

Using these decorations is a great way to get people’s attention as they pass by your storefront, but you can also take photographs of the decorations and post them on your social media. This will also get more attention online, because it’s fun and interesting and makes your store seem a lot more exciting than if it’s just another generic cookie-cutter store.

How to Attract Local Customers with Storefront Decorations
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